Top 6 Benefits of Countertop Basin Unit

 The Countertop basin unit is very much trendy these days. The sleek and attractive look makes them an essential part of your washroom. From futuristic regard to convenient characteristics and space-efficient design, these basins fulfill every gap of uneven washbasins covering plenty of valuable space just because of their huge body. While generally, bathrooms in the UK have inadequate space, there is a need of using them as efficiently as possible. 

Therefore, the manufacturer comes up with a different idea to reduce the usage space. It may be in the form of compact units or by combining the functionalities into a single piece. While a typical basin may cover a lot of space, the idea is to make it compact as well as use the space below for storing purposes. 

What is Countertop Basin Unit?

Wondering what countertop sink is? Well, it’s a kind of sink that is installed on a flat surface above the ground. These are designed in a compact manner that utilizes the space most efficiently. In most places, these basins are found over the vanity units. That helps to combine dual functionalities of storage as well as a basin at the same time. The main purpose is to utilize the space that would otherwise go to waste. 

Following are some of the main benefits of countertop basins. 

1. Countertop Basin Unit Has Attractive Design

The Countertop Basin Unit is an outcome of modern art and engineering that makes them unique and amazing. These units come in various designs that you can choose. The countless color categories further increase the variety for you. Overall, these countertop basins are one of the eye-catching items installed in any bathroom. 

2. Countertop Basin Unit Can Save You Space 

In addition to its attractive look, the countertop basins are much more practical as well. Their compact design allows you to utilize plenty of your bathroom space. You can store various items in the cabins below the basins. The floor below the countertop basins is easy to clean, so you don’t have to struggle with different angles of those traditional giant washbasins. As it comes in various sizes, you can choose the best one that fits perfectly in your bathroom. 

3. Reliable 

The countertop basins are superior in quality too. The material used in these sleek designed basins is much more strengthened and durable. The ones who choose to install the countertop basins find themselves free from the maintenance cost of leakages, cracks, etc., as they are above the surface, the basins are safe from being hit by vipers or other hard items cleaning the bathroom. 

4. Easy to Install.

The Countertop Basin Unit is undoubtedly one of the accessible basins to install. The installation guide is usually provided with it. It’s free from long pipes and drilling countless holes in your walls. The installation is straightforward. The only thing to concern is the correct size of cabinets below these basins.

5Combining Dual Functionalities.


One of the biggest benefits of these type of units is that it offers dual functionality while using the space for the one. The sink on top can be placed on a vanity unit that means you can use this area for storage purposes as well. That means you will not need any separate sink, saving a lot of space for you. Even the pipework can be concealed inside the vanities or wall. 

6. Countertop Basin Unit is the Best of Both Worlds. 

If you think a bit about having a basin in your bathroom, what would be the best feature that you want to see in it? the style? space saving or the modern look. And most probably the concealed pipework and enhanced storage. So, in other words, you want the best of both worlds, in terms of design as well utility. That is what a countertop basin unit offers. By installing it, you have the best of all in your bathroom.

  • Space-saving design
  • Hidden fixings and hinges for a smooth finish
  • Simple yet stylish chrome handles
  • Supplied fully assembled
  • Basin Material: Ceramic
  • Single tap hole basin
  • Soft-close drawers for easier access
  • Made from Moisture-Resistant 18mm MFC
  • Finished in Indigo Grey Gloss

Are You Looking for a Countertop Basin Unit?

We have discussed the top benefits of a Countertop Basin Unit. Do you think, it can be a great addition to your bathroom? From style to combining dual functionalities, there are many reasons to install it in your bathroom. At Royal Bathrooms, we have all types of fittings and fixtures available at reasonable prices. You can visit our website for more details. Our staff is fully vaccinated for COVID-19. Have you got your vaccination yet?

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