Artificial Grass – The Many Benefits

Artificial Grass

Artificial Grass in Dubai has been around for quite some time and has been a popular choice of landscaping material. These lush green grasses have made a splash in the Middle East as well as Europe and come in a variety of different types. But what are the advantages and disadvantages of artificial grass?

Benefits of Artificial grass in Dubai


Artificial grass in Dubai comes in different shades of green to suit any type of home or garden. A quick walk through any local mall or shopping center reveals that there are a wide variety of beautiful lawns that look great, albeit temporarily. Artificial grass needs minimal maintenance and can endure high temperatures from sunlight without melting or sagging. Polyethylene, another type of abudhabiartificialgrass.com, can be more expensive but is better for the environment because it uses less water and fertilizer.


Artificial turf in Dubai and other areas of the Middle East is durable enough to withstand heat, moisture, wind and sun damage, making it a wise investment for families with children playing in the outdoors. Polyethylene is especially durable, able to withstand regular usage without losing its color or slip.

Synthetic grass can also be used as a great back yard for those interested in creating a natural look but don’t want the hassle of maintaining it. And because it’s available in so many different colors and styles, there are backyard playgrounds available to suit every family’s preference.

Low Maintenance:

Although polyethylene and nylon synthetic fibers are more durable than natural grass, these materials are still low maintenance grasses. With annual maintenance you can easily keep these turf types looking great. The biggest concern with turf types that is lacking in annual maintenance is that the grass can become matted and tangled with other grass clippings and debris. By using proper irrigation, fertilizer and trimming, you can help prevent this problem.

High Quality Artificial Grass in Dubai

The quality of artificial grass differs greatly from place to place. In Dubai, you can find both natural and man made turf available, including ones produced by local manufacturers. It’s up to you to research what you feel will suit your family’s needs best. Some people may prefer the texture and color of the artificial grass but others may prefer its ability to withstand the elements, such as rain and the hot sun. Many artificial grass suppliers source their materials locally, which allows you to enjoy freshly cut grass when it’s picked off the vine just days after being mowed. You can also enjoy the convenience of shopping online for the best selection available.

Growing Bases:

 The artificial turf can be purchased based on the size of your garden or sports arena. They’re often used to cover sports arenas in areas where it would otherwise be difficult or impossible to install natural grass. Not only do artificial turf systems reduce maintenance, they also improve safety for people playing on the field. Sports arenas are widely used in Dubai due to their capacity to hold large crowds and their ability to provide a high quality of play for local teams.

In fact, artificial grass has even been used to create an artificial football field inside the Al Maktoum Sports Stadium in the United Arab Emirates. It has also been used as the perfect green surface for tennis matches and has even been used in some schools in Dubai.

High Foot Traffic:

If you own a hotel, commercial complex, shopping mall, school, office building or any other commercial or public establishment in Dubai, you can reap the benefits of using artificial grass. High foot traffic can damage the natural grass found in some areas. Even the slightest scratch can cause traffic delays and damage business operations.

Artificial turf alleviates this problem because it never needs watering or maintenance. You will not have to worry about damaged surfaces and uneven flooring that would normally come with wet and dirty natural grass. When you place an artificial grass surface in these areas, your guests and employees will love the new look your garden or mall has when using artificial grass instead of natural grass.


It’s hard to keep up with your swimming pool at home. The amount of chemicals needed to keep your pool clean is staggering, but the more costly solution is to purchase and install a swimming pool cover. You can also use cleaning materials like toothpaste and other chemicals on the bottom of your pool. However, most people aren’t able to find the time or the resources needed to properly clean a swimming pool. Artificial grass Dubai has the same benefit as a swimming pool cover without the cost and the hassle.

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