A Beginners Guide to Popular Gym Equipment

As a beginner at the gym, you may initially be confused and helpless as to the names of the equipment you find there and how they could help you tone your body. With this article, there is nothing to worry about!

Here’s a small guide to some of the popular equipment you could find at a public gym and its functions:


‘The’ equipment to practice walking or running at an indoor setting, the treadmill helps you jog those miles without actually moving around. It is a great piece of equipment to perform long distance runs that your street may not have the space for and it is the perfect work out for your core and legs.

Elliptical Machine

This machine keeps your legs in a steady running motion while providing your body with a complete workout. The elliptical machine can be used to try out various exercises that focus on different parts of your body. This is also a great piece of equipment to strengthen your core or work out those arms and legs.

Abdominal Crunches

If your main aim in hitting the gym with that gym wear is to tone your abdominal muscles, then abdominal crunches are the equipment you need to use. This machine does not require any additional help to operate and is quite easy to use. It is very similar to performing crunches at home but with the added benefit of a piece of equipment helping you out.

Stationary Bike

A good alternative to outdoor biking, the stationary bike is an equipment that will provide you with the whole workout that cycling does, all at the comfort of the air conditioner inside the gym. It is also much safer than cycling through those traffic-congested streets. You can never fall off this easily and the chances of you getting injured are much less. They are also easier to operate.

Lat Pulldown Machine

Directly targeting your back muscles, pulldown machines are ideal in helping you strengthen and develop your back muscles.  This equipment is quite popular as it has been around for a long time. So if you are focused on toning those back muscles and getting rid of the back fat, take a go at this machine when you visit the gym.

Rowing Machine

Taking its name from the sport in itself, the rowing machine operates itself somewhat like the way you would row a boat. Rowing machines are best for a basic level cardio workout. They focus on enhancing your flexibility and versatility. It utilizes both upper and lower muscles of your body delivering you an overall workout.

Pec Deck Machine

Commonly seen, the pec deck machine has been specifically designed to develop your chest muscles. They focus on strengthening your chest muscles while toning them. Use this equipment if you are focusing on improving those pecs.

These are just a few of the many equipment you will find at the gym. At this point you will probably be packed with knowledge on this equipment and will be more confident in handling them if you do see them. Now, you can focus on your progress with confidence.

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