Most beautiful towns in New Jersey

    New Jersey gets a bad name, primarily because of that one show that will not be mentioned. But, NJ is a beautiful place known as the Garden State, a nickname given to it by Abraham Browning of Camden. Wonderfully located between New York and Philadelphia, the state has a lot of beautiful seashore cities to visit.? It also has a beautiful climate that features all four seasons. Moreover, the population of NJ is diverse and different communities bring their flare to the state. Its neighboring states influence the cuisine. So, you can get New York-style food in the north and Philadelphia-style food in the south. All in all, New Jersey is an exciting state. There are many reasons to visit, move or retire in one of its small towns. To show you the wonderful Garden State, we have a list of the most beautiful towns in New Jersey.

    • Bloomfield, NJ
    • Princeton
    • Cape May
    • Red Bank, NJ

    Bloomfield, NJ.

    Located in Essex County, Bloomfield often takes top positions on the lists of beautiful towns in New Jersey. It was settled in 1660 by a Protestant group known as Puritans. Puritans believed that the English Church needs to be more Protestant which means that it should rid itself of any Roman Catholic practices. The town had many names before it got the current one, which happened in 1796. It was named after an American Revolutionary General, Joseph Bloomfield. 

    There you have a little history lesson on Bloomfield, but if you want to learn more about its history, we recommend visiting the Historical Society of Bloomfield. You can go to the museum and even see a signed book by Joseph Bloomfield. 

    But if history is not your thing and you prefer outdoorsy activities, there are many parks here. You can spend your day in Brookdale Park. It is well-equipped so that you can work up a sweat on its many tennis fields, softball/baseball, and soccer fields. If you like to ride bikes, they have a mountain bike trail. But if you want to have a relaxing day with your loved ones you can do that on the picnic grounds. 

    Bloomfield even has a good art scene. 4th Wall Theater puts on many plays and musicals by New York directors.  But if plays and musicals don’t do it for you, there is also a Multi-Media Art Center. There you can enjoy movies, concerts and visit the art gallery. 

    Bloomfield is a town rich in history and with great places for outdoor activities. So, if it ever tempts you to move, know that the neighboring crew will gladly handle it. The whole experience will be much easier, and you will begin the new chapter of your life on the right foot.?

    The second on our list of most beautiful towns in New Jersey is Princeton.

    Princeton is a must-visit if you ever go to New Jersey. What we think makes Princeton one of the most beautiful towns in New Jersey is its rich history and widely known Princeton University.

    The Princeton University stands out because of its Collegiate Gothic style architecture. If you are down there and enjoying the beautiful architecture, visit The Princeton University Art Museum on campus grounds. They have a diverse collection of art from Asia, Africa, and even from the Byzantine era. A must-see in Princeton University is the Princeton University Chapel. Constructed in the dark Collegiate Gothic style, it’s a marvel for your eyes, but what will amaze you more is the iconic iconography inside. What makes Princeton stand out is the Princeton Battle Monument. The monument commemorates the Battle of Princeton, which happened in the American Revolutionary War.

    Princeton is a town rich in history, and because of its university, it offers many opportunities. Everything mentioned above makes it an attractive location to move to. So, if you are toying with this idea and are thinking about buying a house, you should know how to choose a professional real estate agent.

    Cape May is the third on our list of the most beautiful towns in New Jersey

    The first thing that makes Cape May stand out is the Cape May Historic District, which has become a National Historic Landmark. It earned this status because of the 600 Victorian-era houses that were erected there. Victorian-era house building wasn’t simply one type but a combination of different ways of constructing houses. This diversity in styles, Regency style, Italian style, and Gothic style makes the houses in the district interesting and unique.

    Relax with your loved ones on the sandy beaches of Cape May, one of the most beautiful towns in New Jersey.

    Cape May is a seashore town that boasts its sandy beaches that some would say are the best in the world. There are good parking spots, lifeguards, toilets, bathrooms, and more, making these beaches very family-friendly. Get with the new summer fashion trends, pick a beach that suits you and enjoy the beautiful Cape May shores.

    Red Bank, NJ.

    Red Bank, NJ, is a small town on the Navesink River, with a beach town feel. It is a great idea to rent a boat in the summertime and sail on the ocean, by the river. The town’s main attraction is the Count Basie Theater, which has seen many stars perform in it, from Al Green to Weird Al. It’s a historical landmark, really. You can also enjoy yourself in the small shops and caf?s in the town. It isn’t surprising if you have picked up your phone in the middle of this article and booked your moving date with All Season Movers. Many people have decided to make NJ their permanent residence and for a good reason.?

    These have been our picks of the most beautiful towns in New Jersey. There certainly are more of them. So, be sure to pay this beautiful state a visit. Whichever place you go to, you won’t be disappointed, and you will find yourself craving for more.

    Meta: Here are our top picks of the most beautiful towns in New Jersey. If you want to visit or relocate here, we are sure you will find a place you like.?


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