Beard Trends You Should Definitely Try Out

    Beard Trends

    The world revolves, so does fashion style. From a full heavy beard to shape stubble, these beards are easy to achieve with little effort. An influencer is a trendsetter who inspires their followers. Some people want to grow their beard just like Fawad Khan or some want to style their beard like Fahad Mustafa. They also achieved to grow their beard with the help of beard oil.

    Here are some trendy Beard style

    Rounded Full Beard

    Grow your beard to your expected length. At that point, either round off the underside or make a boxed square under through the neck. Moustache hair is styled and expelled from the lip. Although this style of beard has more progressively edges finished with a straight razor, it’s considerably more uniform. Wash beard daily and style with beard oil to exaggerate the shape cut in. 

    Medium Stubble Shaped

    More trendy nowadays, as this style is much easier and less time consuming to keep up. It can be cut with soft edges with incredibly shaped and precise ones. The tightened, more natural and comfortable version with those seeking low maintenance beards or attempting their first beard as it can be achieved at home easily. The more versatile groomed look and exact edged version style will require some professional expert hands to ensure your cheeks and necklines are kept sharp and level.


    The Ducktail Beard

    The different feature of this beard style is the point through the chin. This beard can be matched with different cheek combinations, and mustache options are varied. This style works well with fuller beard growth and shorter cheek. Style with Herbal Oils fixes the chin shape.

    The Magnum Beard

    This is popular among the people who are seeking something a little unique. The mustache is the center of attraction for this style. The mustache should be fuller, the better. Keep a short or medium style stubble through the cheeks to light the contrast. Make your unique style while turning the mustache with the help of mustache/ beard wax.

    Circle Beard

    This is a mix trend of both beard and mustache. It grows in a circle, oval or zero shape and it is hence famous by circle beard. It is best for those men, who are unable to grow a thick heavy beard can definitely opt for this one as it takes less time to grow. 

    Short Stubble

    The most simplest of all the facial hair beard styles has to be a short stubble. It is one of those facial hair styles that can keep you neat and tidy at all times. To get this style you  do not need to shave your mustache and your beard for a couple of days or week and you can achieve a desire short stubble look. And if the length bother you or want to maintain the length, so just shave the hair above your cheeks. You can keep the short stubble on your neck area but if its start bothering you so, you can also chop off the extra facial hair you get near the neck line to keep the focus on the follicles on your face. 

    Long Stubble

    Every beard style have their unique feature. A long stubble is a bit difficult to achieve yet the most striking beard style among the rest. To get long stubble beard, you need to trim facial hair meticulously and eliminate stray hair, especially the ones that grow on the soft flesh of your cheeks and on top of your Adam’s apple. The best part is that it suits on all the face types. Well, If long stubble not maintained well, it can make you look quite more unkempt.?

    Faded Beard Style 

    A choice for men with book and oval face shapes, this beard is kept short with sideburns that faded into the main one. Faded beard style has a square cut and you can grow it down till your chin. 

    Full beard

    A well-groomed full beard can make man look attractive as it actually emphasizes your facial features. This beard style is ideal for men who have angular faces. To get this look, stop shaving for almost about 6 months and tame and trim it occasionally after that to maintain the look.

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