Bangalore International School Ranking – Top 3 Schools Compared

Bangalore international school

International schools have taken the nation by storm. What they offer is tantamount to what Apple began offering back in the 2000s. It is an entirely new definition of school education and school life. Here we look at a few aspects and a few schools that stand as the ideal definition of a Bangalore international school.

Bangalore international school

The three schools we shall be taking the example of are-

  1. Global Indian International School (GIIS)
  2. Inventure Academy
  3. Canadian International School

Read through each aspect to understand how each of the three schools fulfils the aspects.

Thought Leadership in Education


International schools have unique learning models which are well tested. For example,GIIS has a unique teaching framework called the 9GEMS? Holistic Development Framework which looks at Academic excellence, Sports excellence, Visual & Performing arts, Personality Development, Innovation & Creativity, Entrepreneurship & Leadership, Universal values & Ethics, Community & Care and Skill Development.

They also have a special curriculum for the pre-school children called the Global Montessori Plus programme in which they intelligently infuse the philosophies of Maria Montessori and modern methods of learning. Along with this, it also follows the CBSE board, giving it the appropriate title of the best cbse school.

Inventure Academy

The Inventure Changemaker Program is uniquely designed to create a strata of socially responsible citizens who can advocate, lead and decide social and environmental change. High school students from Inventure use experimental innovations and technology to impact change in their neighbourhoods. An experienced group of academic experts, parent-entrepreneurs & activists, along with the support of Inventure, runs the programme.

Canadian International School

Contextual Learning (CL) is a hands-on educational experience that operates away from the classroom. It provides a real-time learning opportunity that furthers the CIS core values of Joy, Integrity, Inspiration, Respect and Caring. Students explore glocal issues as they search for solutions, make new connections, discover new places, and brainstorm ideas they would otherwise not embark upon

. CL can take place on-campus (in and around the school?s city) or on-site (pan-India). It can even be as simple but fun filled as growing vegetables in the CIS garden or keeping a butterfly garden.

Endowed with facilities beyond academics


At GIIS, a cbse school, one cannot miss the heterogeneous nature of kinds of co curricular options available for a student. Look at the opportunities offered by them – Major Dhyan Chand Club and Archery for Sports, Raja Ravi Verma Club for Art activities, Robotics Club in Technology, GIIS Chef in Cooking without Fire, Gravel’s Literary Club in Poetry, Furtados School of Music Club for Piano, Jhankar Club for Dance forms like Bharatnatyam, Kathak, Contemporary, the Helen’ O Grady Club for Dramatics, Tansen Voice of Global Club for Keyboard and Guitar, a Public Speaking Club for Speech & Debates, a C V Raman Club for Science, an Aryabhatta Club for Math and an Intach club (Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage) for Heritage or Social Sciences.

Inventure Academy

Inventure makes sure that its students are not bored of theoretical studies by giving them a Maker Space, Design & Tech Studio which has 3D printing equipment along with other related tools. They have a highly dedicated Art Studio which fulfils the need for multiple styles and genres. IA also boasts a Music studio and a dance studio.

When it comes to sports, Inventure boasts of a Soccer Field with Artificial Turf, a swimming pool with attached changing rooms and a smaller toddlers pool, 5 tennis courts, Cricket Nets with practice pitches, a Gym, an Athletics Field, a Basketball Court, a peaceful Yoga Gazebo and Preschool Play area. Packs quite a punch does it not!

Canadian International School

CIS is the only school to offer a 1:1 ratio when it comes to iPads to each student and officially recognised by Apple as an accredited school. Along with the integration of all other facilities like a swimming pool or sports centres they also boast of a huge performing arts centre called The Odeum that houses all sorts of instruments.

They also offer state of the art boarding facilities. CIS has spearheaded the creation of an inter-school activities conference called the Bangalore Activities and Athletics School Conference (BAASC) which is a conglomeration of four schools committed to providing opportunities for student-athletes. It is also a member of FOBISIA, that is the Federation of British International Schools in Asia. In 2019, CIS sent a swimming team to Bangkok to participate and hope visit Seoul soon.

Apart from primary aspects such as I have mentioned above, a bangalore international school takes security pretty seriously too. Most schools have facial recognitions and biometric scans. Back in the 2000s, you could think of such features to be present only in high-security banks or companies. Such schools are also highly connected with the parents in order to weave a continuous line of communication along with the student to be always there for them. International schools are here not just to stay but to definitely take over.


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