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About BA LLB

BA LLB (Bachelor of Arts – Bachelor of Legislative Law) is always been in demand for many aspirants In India and globally. It is a 5 years course an integrated law degree that law aspirants can pursue after qualifying for their Higher Secondary Examination. Subjects that are taught in BA LLB are Code of civil procedure, Election law, Constitutional law, Business law, Drafting and Pleading, Political Science, Philosophy etc. After completing BALLB, the candidate can choose to study further such as PhD in law or LLM (Latin Legum Magister). 


Law is a very high demanding course as it offers one of the world�s highest-paying jobs. The candidate should be able to deal with different legal scenarios with proper reasoning and sound arguments. Many people want to join this profession because they want to help others. If an aspirant is interested in family matters or human rights, the law is the profession that helps and allow them to help people professionally. If you qualify AIBE Exam, then you can register yourself with the Bar Council of India. The candidate should also become a legal administrative, legal counsellor, legal associate, paralegal, legal administrative etc.

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Who Should Do BA LLB?

Those students who want to make their career in the field of Law can pursue BA LLB. It gives various opportunities to students to work for various private and government sector organizations. Students who completed their graduations in any other field can also apply for this course.

Specializations in BA LLB

In BA LLB there are no proper specializations are available, a student has to select subjects in the final semester that determine their specialization. Subjects options that are available are International Trade Laws, IT Laws, International Banking & Finance that students selected in the last semester can determine your specialization. After BA LLB, the candidate can go for LLM specialization in: 

�   Criminal Law

�   Business Law

�   Human Rights

�   Labour Law

Criminal Law

Criminal law is a law that is concerned with the punishments of individuals who commits a crime. It is related to threatening, it gives the right of punishment to those who violate rules and regulations and laws.

Human Rights

Human Rights are the basic rights and freedom of all human beings, regardless of gender, nationality, place of residency, ethnicity, sex etc. These rights are the rights and freedom that belongs to every individual on this planet from birth until death. There are variety of human rights include like civil rights, political rights, social rights, economic rights, cultural rights, collective rights etc.

Business Law

Business Law is the suit of law that governs business and it is considered as a branch of civil law and it deals in both issues of private law and public law. It maintains the relation among  Business, Brands and Companie. It also protects the rights of the company and also the people who are working there.

Labour Law

It plays a very important role between workers, employing entities, trade unions and the government. Individual labour law is related to the rights of employees at work also through the contact for work.

Top Colleges BA LLB

There are many colleges available in India for BA LLB, but not all are listed in the top colleges. In Indore, Indore Management institute is the best law college in Indore and is listed in the top law colleges in Indore. Pursuing a law degree with the best law college helps the student in many ways like candidate get practical knowledge through moot courts, internship or practice at the district court, IMI Indore gives the opportunity to students to interact with retired judges of the High Court and Supreme Court of India.

Who can take Admission?

Any student who wants to make his career in the field of LAW, can take admission  in this course. In order to take admission in BA LLB, the candidate must check the eligibility criteria.

� � Graduation in any field is required with a minimum of 50% marks.

� � If a candidate wants to do after his 12th exam, he must be score a minimum of 50% marks.

Admission Process

The admission process depends on the student�s college selection, some colleges give admission only after qualifying entrance exams like CLAT, AILET etc. Many colleges give direct admission on basis of graduation with min 50% marks. IMI, the top law college in Indore gives admission on the basis of both graduations also on the entrance examinations.

List Of Top Law College In Indore: 

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