Why Labs Are Operating Bacteriological Incubator Units? What?s The Purpose?

    operating bacteriological incubator

    Incubator units perform incubation process in enclosed environment at pre-settled temperature. These enclosures offer and maintain all optimal conditions required for microbial culture growth and development. Bacteriological incubator manufacturers explain why labs use these units and how these devices help them in their job. 

    Incubation is a pre-defined operation in which certain environmental variables like humidity and temperature are set to specific level to proceed development and growth of microbial culture. 

    Why incubation temperature and time is required in chamber unit?

    Every organism has a incubation time for development and growth. If there is no environment for incubation, growth of organism will get degenerated. So, for proper development and growth of organism, incubation is must. 

    How these incubators work?

    Incubator works on the principle of thermo-electricity. Manufacturers design the unit with a thermostat that helps in maintaining the desired temperature using a thermal gradient technology. This technology generates voltage which is known as thermo-electric effect. 

    Why Labs Have Installed Bacteriological Incubators?

    Bacteriological incubator is the unit installed at microbiological labs for incubation of biological items like culture. These units are intended to meet the different variety of needs of any research lab. Laboratories use them for cultivation of bacteria and for performing biological test. 

    Major Application of Bacteriological Incubator-

    These incubation devices are applied in many other industries – 

    ? Microbiology

    ? Dairy and food processing 

    ? Biochem

    ? Sewage and water treatment plants

    c. Let?s explain them in detail-

    1. Bacteriological incubators are energy efficient – The devices use electricity efficiently to perform the predefined operation inside the enclosure. 

    2. Bacteriological incubators are having solid construction– Manufacturers use robust and sturdy construction to design these incubators. 

    3. Bacteriological incubators require low maintenance – The built of these incubators is so sturdy that the user hardly needs to invest in their maintenance. 

    4. Bacteriological incubators are most reliable incubation devices – Due to energy efficient behaviour, these incubators provide most reliable incubation facilities to the users. 

    5. Bacteriological incubators offer CFC free cooling – Also, these incubators are environmental friendly as no CFC is released during cooling process. 

    6. Manufacturers of bacteriological incubators offer customise options – Users from different industries may have different needs and requirements. They can share their desires and get the customized units from manufacturers. 

    7. There is thermal efficient insulation that saves user billing cost. 

    Bacteriological incubators offer customise programming options which further eliminates the need of trial and error temperature setting. There is only one heating system that is responsible to maintain the temperature for bacteria growth. 

    Labs are practicing bacteria culture at various temperature settings. The reason behind different temperature usage is optimization growth of the desired bacteria strain. Other than this, lab professionals may also be interested in studying certain bacterial functions for which they need to incubate bacteria at different temperatures.

    Classification of bacteria on the basis of their optimal growth temperature

    – Hyperthermophile 

    – Thermophile

    – Mesophile 

    – Psychrotrophs

    – Psychrophiles 

    Hyperthermophile needs 60 degrees C or more temperature, thermophile grows between 45 and 122 degrees C. Mesophile and psychrotrophs require 20-45 degrees C for growth and development while psychrophiles requires -15 to 10 degrees C or lower temperature. 

    Other lab incubators types available at manufacturing facility-

    Manufacturers of incubators are also making other different units such as dry block incubator, electro-thermal incubator, hot air block incubator, thermostatic shaking incubator, and many more. 

    Is It Feasible to Outsource Incubation services from Foreign Partners?

    Outsourcing incubation services is time consuming and don?t guarantee precise results. If you require testing of bacteria, you can either contact local lab or get it done with the help of in-house experts. 

    Things you can do when visiting a lab personally – 

    You can select the size and capacity of the incubator that suits your need. You may ask professionals about the number of samples that can be stored in the enclosure to have a rough idea about volume of the device. You can check humidity and temperature range and see if it works for your testing requirements. 

    You can check the testing before handling them your project. A bacteriological incubator can be air-jacketed and water-jacketed. You can decide between the two after having words with the experts. Or you can find bacteriological incubator manufacturers in your area and get the suitable unit for running incubation processes. 

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