What should be the right backup strategy to deal with modern threats to PCs?

Threats to PCs are not only growing in number but they’re also becoming more complex and more advanced by the day. From ransomware to software corruption, malware & viruses to hardware failure, your system can face problems of different nature and may break down any time if right protection is not available. Since PCs and systems are key to getting work done, both organizations as well as individuals can, and should, not afford downtime even of a few minutes (windows 10 restore from backup). 

However, when PCs are down and one is remote, it often uses up a lot of time waiting for a replacement or loaner. Such situations are never helpful as they cause loss of productivity, and hugely affect the overall performance of any business. In fact, loss of sensitive data, files and information is also a reality when a disaster strikes. So, it’s important to avoid such a messy scenario by having a proper backup strategy in place. 

But the question is, what is the right backup strategy to not only avoid the threats to your PC but also minimize risks to mission critical information? Well, you need a backup solution that is not only capable of giving the perfect back up but also helping your system run almost on immediate basis without involving any need for restore process or any need for booting rescue media.  

Booted rescue drive is the right backup strategy 

If you want your PC back in seconds after a disaster attack, you will need to trust the rescue drive as it is capable of completely restoring the PC at any time. More so, the restore process will also include any changes made to the data or document while running from the drive. 

With the booted rescue drive, you can always be sure to have the only backup solution that allows instant recovery from any disaster of any nature. The best part, the entire PC (including the OS, apps, drives, files and system settings) is backed up to the rescue drive.   

 The rescue drive is better in comparison to cloud backup solutions as even if the latter keeps the file safe but they often take a  long time to get back to work in case of a disaster.  

Top features of the booted rescue drive  

The booted rescue drive delivers peace of mind from zero downtime as it’s the only backup solution that gets the system up and running in seconds. It can easily recover any PC from any type of threat and ensure that there is no loss of productivity or no harm to the data and files.

Some of top features of the booted rescue drive include –   

A Portable Operating Environment 

Even when you PC is struck with disaster, you can find a way out by turning any PC into yours. This becomes possible because rescue drive can back up every file, app, settings and configuration on your PC. Rescue drive is not only just a backup but it works as a portable operating environment. This also means you can carry the drive anywhere and then run your system from another PC even when you’re remote. In addition, there will be full-system encryption enabled which will ensure data safety even if the drive is stolen or lost. 

Ransomware Protection

Ransomware is among the most potent threats that PCs and systems face today as they can hijack any network easily and demand money in lieu of giving back the access. You however needn’t worry as the booted rescue drive comes with patent-pending technology that ensures total protection to backups from ransomware. You can stop ransomware and virus attacks to access the drive just by disabling the rescue drive when a backup is complete. Even in case of a ransomware attack, you can easily reboot the system protected with the drive and start directly from the drive itself.

Bootable Backup with Extra Storage

Another great feature of the rescue drive is its ability to let you create an extra drive on your backup drive known as a data vault. You can create an extra drive only after the mirror is created by a full-system backup. The data vault will stay intact and not get deleted even when the full-system backups are performed later on. With this, you can expect the stored data to exist in the data vault and not on the system drive (windows 10 pc complete backup).  

Cloud-Free Backup

You should know that cloud computer is fraught with privacy concerns as service providers can access data as and when they need. To avoid this situation, it’s better to read the service agreement and stay on the safe side. You need to be sure that your data is never compromised. After all, rescue drive is safe as it will never compromise your data and files like the cloud does. With optional Full-disk encryption, you will always be sure that your data is safe even when the backup drive is stolen or lost. 

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