11 Awesome Places in the Blue City – Jodhpur

Jodhpur is otherwise called Blue City of India and this spot is situated in Rajasthan. There are numerous authentic spots in Jodhpur like Mehrangarh stronghold, blue houses, and sanctuaries. Jodhpur is known as the blue city as it glances totally blue in shading from an airborne view in light of its blue houses and dividers.

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The city of Jodhpur was established by the Rajput boss, Rao Jodha. Individuals visit Jodhpur from everywhere the world to purchase painstaking work and there is an interminable rundown of things that can be purchased from the spot. Here, I have recorded the best vacation spots to visit in Jodhpur.

Best visiting Places at the Blue City of India – Jodhpur

  1. Mehrangarh Fort
  2. Jaswant Thada
  3. Mandora garden
  4. Umaid Bhawan Palace
  5. Ghanta Ghar
  6. Balsamand Lake
  7. Khejarla Fort
  8. Masuriya Hill Garden
  9. Sardar Government Museum
  10. Rao Jodha Desert Rock Park
  11. Toorji’s Step Well

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1. Mehrangarh Fort

This fortification was worked by Rao Jodha in 1459 in Jodhpur and this stronghold is the biggest fortress in the nation. The engineering of the fortress experienced a few improvements over a time of 500 years.

There are numerous nurseries and sanctuaries that are worked inside the fortress. This spot has numerous exercises for travelers like zipline, the perspective on the blue city, and so forth

Visiting Hours = 9 AM to 5:00 PM

Section Fees = Indian – INR70 and Foreigners – INR600

Visit Duration = 3-4 Hours

2. Jaswant Thada

It was implicit the honor and memory of Maharaja Jaswant Singh II in 1989 is as yet utilized by Marwar Royal Family. This remembrance is considered as a building milestone and has a delightfully kept up nursery which the vacationers can investigate alongside the landmark.

At the passageway of the landmark, one can see nearby artists and people artists that engage the guests. It is likewise called the Taj Mahal of Marwar and draws in travelers from everywhere the world.

Visiting hours = 9:30 AM to 6:00 PM

Section charges = INR 20 for grown-ups and INR 10 for youngsters

Additional Costs = Camera – INR25-INR50

Excursion Duration = 1-2 hours

3. Mandora Garden

This is arranged in Mandore and a piece of the more huge Mehrangarh post. It houses the well known Hall of Heroes and sanctuary of 300,000,000 divine beings. The nursery likewise has a Government Museum which is brimming with ancient rarities and old relics. While visiting here guarantee that you are wearing agreeable footwear as you should stroll around a ton. One ought to be careful as the spot is limited by monkeys.

Visiting Hours = 8 AM to 8 PM

Section Fees = Garden – Free and Museum – INR50

Visit Duration = 2-3 Hours

4. Umaid Bhawan Palace

This Palace was underlying 1943 and is likewise a legacy inn, a gallery, and the home of the Royal group of the current proprietor. To add to the excellence of the castle there is a delightful nursery outside with rich greenery and various assortments of blossoms and it is one of the most mainstream inns in Jodhpur. One can have a “Legacy walk”, which is a walk straight into Jodhpur’s brilliant past.

Visiting Hours = 9 AM to 5 PM

Passage Fees = INR 30 – INR100

Visit Duration = 45 Minutes

5. Ghanta Ghar

It was worked by Maharaja Sardar Singh around 200 years prior and the check tower in the focal point of the city offers a splendid all encompassing perspective on the city from the top. The business sectors and the pinnacle are an unquestionable requirement for voyagers who need to observe and encounter the way of life and individuals of Jodhpur.

The main level on the ground has a more extensive square-molded structure and the level is limited with an octagonal stone fencing that makes the landmark a traffic circle and a milestone.

Visiting hours = 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Passage expenses = Free

Visit Duration = 45 Minutes

6. Balsamand Lake Palace

The lake was made in 1159 AD by Maharaja Sur Singh, this spot is encircled by lavish nurseries and an enormous assortment of trees. Balsamand Palace worked in the seventeenth century on the lake is a sandstone compositional wonder that disregards the lake.

One can have long strolls next to its water heater or eat as you sit at Balsamand Palace’s eatery seeing excellent lake sees.

Visiting hours = Open entire day

Section charges = Free

Visit Duration = 2-3 Hours

7. Khejarla Fort

This Fort in Jodhpur is an antiquated landmark that has since been changed over into a legacy lodging. The Khejarla stronghold lodging is the spot to be for a nearby gander at the rich Indian legacy, without surrendering the comfort offered by advanced inns.

The legacy stronghold is an ideal objective for the individuals who wish to encounter the rich social tradition of India.

One should book ahead of time on the off chance that you wish to remain here, as this legacy inn is an exceptionally searched out objective voyager from around the globe.

Visiting hours = 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM

Section charges = Free

Visit Duration = 2-3 Hours

8. Masuriya Hill Garden

Inside this nursery, one can discover a sculpture of Veer Durgadas Rathore and this region is additionally host to a sanctuary of Baba Ramdev. The well known Mehrangarh post can be seen from a ways off, arranged on the contrary side of the city.

This spot offers an all encompassing perspective and astonishing nightfall experience and this spot is a most loved spot among local people.

Visiting Hours = 7:00 AM – 9:00 PM

Passage expense = INR 10

Visit Duration = 1 Hour

9. Sardar Government Museum

This historical center is worked by Maharaja Umaid Singh and on the off chance that you need to have knowledge into the rich culture and history of Jodhpur than the Jodhpur Government Museum is to search for.

You can see an assortment of weapons, materials, smaller than normal artworks, engravings, figures, workmanship and specialties at the exhibition hall that assists with understanding the existence driven by the quick ages of Jodhpur. Not simply a historical center, Umaid Bagh is likewise host to the public library and a zoo.

This spot is partitioned into four areas the archeological region, the arsenal, the presentation of expressions and creates and the recorded segment.

Visiting hours = 10:00AM – 5:00PM (Saturday – Thursday)

Section expense = INR5 – INR50

Excursion Duration = 2-3 hours

10. Rao Jodha Desert Rock Park

The recreation center fills a need to reestablish the nature and the topography of the district. Here the guest can hope to see a wide assortment of plants, creatures, rocks, and other geographical highlights that are exceptional to Jodhpur. While visiting here you should take a guide and they will take the guests through volcanic rocks, chasm and will likewise give total data and a closer perspective on the reestablished district.

One can see here more than 250 types of plants and creatures, this park additionally as a nursery where travelers can discover plants available to be purchased

Visiting Hours = October – March (8:00 AM – 5:30 PM)

Section Fee = Free for understudies and INR100 for grown-ups

Excursion Duration = 2-3 hours

11. Toorji’s Step Well

Toorji ka Jharla was developed in 1740 and ordinarily called the stepwell of Jodhpur. The whole well is composed of red sandstone and it has two access levels of water and a different tank at the base. The dividers have a few carvings, however the structure generally is straightforward yet very exquisite.

There were two degrees of access and a different tank which were intended to get water from the wheel framework controlled by the bullocks. Toorji’s stepwell draws in numerous sightseers and guests to take part in innocuous, recreational water games to beat the warmth.

Visiting hours = Anytime of the day

Passage Fee = Free

Outing Duration = 1 Hours

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