Growing Crystals – STEM Real-World Project

STEM project based learning introduces your child to engineering robotics for kids and helps them foster ingenuity and creativity, encourages experimentation through STEM real world engineering projects, builds resilience, encourages knowledge application, encourages teamwork, teaches problem solving and encourages the use of technology. Growing your own crystals is one of […]

Find the best child care and support in the UK

Childcare in much of Western society is currently in crisis: there are too few child care facilities, childcare staff is severely underpaid, there are not enough childcare places, and most parents do not incur costs, which means less money for their children’s education and less income for parents. The 2009 […]

How is distance learning via online schools valid?

Many parents who choose their children to homeschool also rely on the resources of online or virtual schools. Parents who are either trying to complement their own home school curriculum or parents who want to see educational professionals provide their child with a more “official”, standard-based education are employed in […]