Tips For Drawing A Human Face

The Complete Guide” gives simple practical advice on how to achieve similarities, in what technique to paint, how to direct lighting, how to draw a nose, mouth, eyes, ears, how to maintain proportions, what are the features of the images of men and women. Practice it and you can paint […]

How To Calculate Incremental Cash Flow?

Smooth and efficient cash flow is critical for the progressive operationality of any business organization. When the business organization starts earning a little profit, they try to increase the scale of their service by starting new projects. The new projects can fail or not perform according to expectations, which can […]

How To Identify Bad Sales Leads?

Sales agents contact hundreds of prospects, if not thousands, on a routine basis in the efforts of closing the deal. Some of the prospects just enter the sales cycle, some seal the deal, some refuse to consider the offer, and the hunt for suitable prospects carries on. At times, there […]