Microthermics Aseptic Filler: Authentic Multifunctional Sterile Filling Equipment

Consumers have grown more health-conscious, boosting the need for food and beverages with preservative-free items such as aseptic bottle-filling machines or top-class sterile filling equipment?with a long shelf life. Batching or hot-fill methods cause too much product damage. As a result, aseptic processing (continuous sterilization) with aseptic filling equipment has become increasingly popular. This popularity has resulted in increased research and the development of aseptic bottle-filling machinery and packaging products.

MICROTHERMICS is one of the world’s leaders in efficiently assisting food businesses to carefully, precisely, and safely look over their product research and development processes. Food businesses that deal in beverages need quality aseptic fillers, which can effectively help fill and package beverage products in sterilized bottles with sterilized caps in a suitable sterile environment. Microthermics offers ultramodern aseptic laboratory fillers with top-notch features and the utmost accuracy for better product development. You can simply rely on microthermics for your product aseptic filling equipment needs, along with various other thermal processor requirements.

Microthermics Functional Aseptic Laboratory Filler Operation

Our aseptic laboratory filler’s goal is to sterilize bottles (and caps) before filling and sealing them with sterile materials in a sterile environment. MicroThermics aseptic laboratory fillers are linear. A conveyor transports the bottles into the machine. Once inside, the bottles are filled with a vaporous sterilant and partially covered before entering the sterile zone. The bottles are decontaminated in the sterile zone by being dried with a jet of hot, sterile air before being carried to the filling station. Bottles are automatically sealed with sterilized bottle caps once they have been filled with sterile goods. The sealed bottles are then removed from the sterile zone and filled.


MICROTHERMICS Laboratory Aseptic liquid filling machines are utilized for a wide range of applications, including:

  • Preparing Samples for taste panels and trade events in authentic consumer-style containers.
  • Long-term product and packaging interaction research
  • Long-term shelf-life experiments at ambient temperatures
  • Long-term physical stability investigations
  • Bottle and cap compatibility for aseptic filling

Microthermics Laboratory Aseptic Fillers Can Be Used To Fill The Following Products

  • Juices
  • Juices with pulp
  • Milk and milk drinks
  • Plant-based milk and other plant-based beverages
  • Teas
  • Coffee
  • Meal replacements
  • Nutritional and protein drinks


Using our authentic sterile filling equipment in conjunction with our UHT/HTST processors, we allow our clients to precisely and aseptically fill* a wide range of drinks into consumer-style 250 mL, 500 mL, or 1,000 mL (or other sizes) bottles in their lab.

These aseptic laboratory fillers:

  • Allow for the filling of plastic bottles in a variety of shapes and sizes,
  • Modest batch size requirements.
  • Can swiftly switch between bottles
  • Have excellent sterility assurance standards

These benefits enable product manufacturers to aseptically produce small amounts of a newly invented beverage in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Our laboratory aseptic fillers save beverage firms time and money by eliminating the need for aseptic manufacturing lines for research and development. They assist corporations in bringing innovative items to market more quickly. Finally, because of their high degrees of automation, ease of operation, and long-lasting construction, these fillers are incredibly potent R&D instruments.


  • Leading the globe toward better food development and production processes

In terms of aseptic processors, UHT/HTST sterilizers, and small-scale UHT machine pasteurizers, we are one of the trusted leaders on the globe. There’s a good chance that a lot of the goods you use every day were created on machinery that MicroThermics designed and constructed or maybe even manufactured on it. Beverages, desserts, meal replacements, or even medications might be examples.

  • Adding accuracy to thermal processes with authentic and precise equipment

Take advantage of the efficiency of small-scale UHT machine processing?with our tools in your lab or ours! Your thermal processes should be more accurate, and R&D should move along more quickly. Our processors have a unique design and engineering intent that makes them simple to use and maintain.

  • Strive to ease the food businesses’ concerns

We help our clients boost productivity, cut costs associated with product development and production, and shorten the time it takes to launch new goods. We offer our customers the best quality goods and services we can. At Microthermics, We use modern manufacturing methods, ongoing quality improvement projects, and a committed, highly skilled workforce to accomplish this.

Simply put, MICROTHERMICS has got you covered for all your thermal processing machine needs, whether it’s HTST pasteurizers, UHT sterilizers, sterile filling equipment, hot fill processing, or custom thermal processes. For better food research and production, there is an extensive need for better equipment and processors that can assist in producing quality foods, comprising all the rigorous testing, precise product research, and development. We strive for the quality and accuracy that we put into our thermal equipment to help you gain customers’ trust.

Check out our equipment and give yourself the backing of enhanced-quality machines.

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