Introduction to Australia Online Gaming Market

The Australia Online Gaming Market is expected to register growth in the future following the rise in online growth. The rise in online growth has also led to the growth and promotion of a tech-savvy consumer base that performs online gaming activities and is expected to gain the Australian online gaming market register in the major growth in the future.

The Australian online gaming market has been one of the most volatile; its promising path to success has always been hampered by roadblocks marked by direct and indirect political interference, global economic features, and the country’s infrastructure long ago. 

Market After COVID

The global outbreak of the COVID-20 epidemic has led to a dramatic increase in the Australian sports market. As the world is in the phase of lockdown, in order to win a bid to combat the spread of the coronavirus, interest in online gaming has also increased. The increase in time spent at home has led to the growth in people’s interest in the entertainment industry and is expected to lead to a fall in the demand for online games for consumers.

Australia Online Gaming Market

The result could be an increase in the growing growth of the Australian Online Gaming market in the future. Few businesses have gain profit from the lifestyle changes that have occurred during the closure and after. e-sports is among them, revealing another exciting form of outside fun. The rise in revenue has led to a country that already ranks among the highest per capita users in video games worldwide.

E-Sports in Australia

With the sports industry projected to be in excess of $ 100 billion by the end of 2020, statistics show that the recent rise in sports popularity is due to the growing popularity of broadcast and eSports competitions worldwide. While Australia may not be at the cutting edge of online games, the country is well known for a good harvest of online gaming players, with online gaming competitions such as the Australian Sports League High School Cup and the League of Legends High School League has been in operation for years. With most of the big names and prize money overseas, Australian eSports is a great way to get started before putting it on the world stage.

Popular Games

The most searched games by Australians are  FORTNITE with the monthly average search volume of 467,000, PUBG with 99700, league of legends with 218000 etc. It will be interesting to see the Australian gaming market, with the introduction of Project xCloud , how topics like League of Legends: Wild Rift do.


Mobile online gaming accounted for 31.7 per cent of total video game retailers in Australia last to last year, so it is one of the biggest cuts in the gaming market regardless. Australians are more interested to buy console games and the Switch is a big hit in the console market surprisingly. The PS5 and Xbox Series X have succeeded, not just as products but with higher premiums charged even though video games in Australia are already among the highly-priced.

As a more mature population adopts technology, they also gain the power of the game to help block face-to-face communication and maintain mental functioning in a variety of strategic games. With so many industries devastated by the COVID-19, it is not surprising that video games have been one of the few Australian industries that managed to grow in this time. 


Across all the devices which have internet, comfort and e-games, Australia’s entry into online gaming has risen by the end of this decade – due to the negative and growing reliance on digital entertainment. The Australian e-gaming industry was earning around $ 3.2 billion in revenue by the end of the decade – a figure that risen to $ 3.4 billion last year.

The annual 6% plus jump continues the story of long-term growth in recent years, with a significant injection of pressure from the Covid-19 crisis. The company holding the largest market share in the Online Gaming market is Sony Interactive Entertainment Australia Pty Limited.

The purpose of this report is to highlight the factors that have hindered the growth of the Australian sports industry, making its path unnecessarily difficult and leaving its current status as a major missed opportunity in today’s global economy.


The growth of the Australian online gaming market can continue, due to the growing emergence of social media and the deep penetration of smartphones. Social media leads to the process of selecting a customer base to work with the best performance of their gaming experience and this leads to the arrival of games in hand.

More recently, PUBG has attracted worldwide attention and the spirit of entertainment has also hit Australia and is expected to be instrumental in the growth and development of the Australian online gaming market in a timely manner and provide a tunnel for an amazing foundation for potential growth for potential entrepreneurs and prospective by market investors recently.

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