Audi Service-Frequency and type

Audi Service is required to maintain the performance of the vehicle. It ensures that your investment in such costly vehicle is safeguarded. Company recommendation is that one must get its services via authorized service stations. These service stations ensure that highest specification of Audi service is being provided to the owner. They have proper tools and machineries with specialized bunch of repairing staffs to ensure highest level of satisfaction.

Frequency & types of Audi Service:

Usually, as per company norms, it is prescribed to have 3 categories of Audi Service based duration and miles travelled. They are as below:

  1. Minor maintenance: After completion of 1 year or after every 10000 miles (whichever is earlier) one must opt for minor maintenance with regards to Audi service.
  2. Standard Maintenance : Audi Service is required after completion of 20000 miles or after an interval of 2 years (whichever is earlier)
  3. Additional Maintenance Service: This service is required on the basis of different peripherals tear and wear. It is primarily based on models of Audi and different components like Air Filters, Brake fluid, Fragrance Cartridges etc. 

Different types of Audi services available under the two categories are as below:

1. Minor maintenance: Audi Service with regards to minor maintenance includes

  • Checking thickness of brakes 
  • Changing engine oil and replacement of filter
  • Resetting indicator installed for reminder of service
  • End to end multipoint inspection
  • Checking kit meant for repairing of tyre

2. Standard Maintenance: Audi Service with regards Standard maintenance includes

  • Checking brake system which includes service like checking brake hose condition, bleeder caps inspection, brake pads thickness etc.
  • Inspecting chassis of the vehicle
  • Inspecting the charging sockets whether there is any damage
  • Checking charging cables in case they are damaged
  • Inspecting the condition of connected battery of the vehicles
  • Oiling & lubricating doors hinge and latch
  • Checking efficacy of cooling system in the car
  • Replacement of filters and changing oils
  • Inspecting lighting functionalities of the car
  • Checking functions of horns & safety belts
  • Checking all tires with damages if any or the date expired 
  • Windshield and wipers function

Apart from above, many other checks are done based on model to model so that the end to end checking and inspections are done. It ensures safety of both the vehicle and the driver.

Cost of Audi Service 

Cost of repair or any service with regards to premium vehicles is always high and varies with the model type. In other words we can say that higher end models would need higher maintenance or service cost. Normally the Audi Service cost varies based on the type of service taken.

  • Minor maintenance Service would cost somewhere between $120 to $200 provided no major repair or replacement required. 
  • Major maintenance Service would require the owner to pay between $200 to $400. However, this cost may further increase in case there are some major overhaul required in the vehicle.

Audi Service is recommended to all the Audi owners if they want to maintain the condition of the vehicle and are concerned about the durability and safety. While buying an Audi one can also spend on buying extended warranty of Audi. It helps in reducing service cost associated with any components of the car, however in that case it needs to be taken to authorized center of company for any repair or maintenance.

There are many non-authorized service centers that cater to the need of Audi service and that too at very reasonable cost. Thus it is the choice of the buyer which type of service he would like to take for his beloved vehicle.

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