5 Audi Features You Never Knew You Needed

One vehicle that comes to mind while discussing cars of the finest quality is Audi. This automobile is made for the elite and solely for the elite. You can always find an excuse to buy an Audi. So, if you’re having second thoughts, consider these 5 Audi features you never knew you needed.

Anti-Lock Braking System

Anti-lock brakes keep your wheels and brakes from locking up as a result of abruptly slamming on the brakes, which reduces the reliability of your brakes. Audi’s anti-lock braking system, which has four parts including a pump, valves, controller, and wheel speed sensors, increases safety for you and your passengers when your car skids on slick pavement or makes an abrupt turn.

Alloy Wheels

Performance benefits are offered by alloy wheels. The car weighs less than other vehicles since its wheels are lighter than ordinary wheels. As a result, it accelerates, stops, and puts less load on the suspension system. Having said that, Audi automobiles stand out from others since they have the highest vehicle performance thanks to their alloy wheels.

Driver and Passenger Air Bag

What makes Audi airbags different from others? Well, it is large enough for the occupants’ safety. It is fully made of a reinforced body structure, and the B pillar and sills have bending-resistant impact beams installed particularly there. In addition to the hardware, it contains six airbags that deactivate when they detect an occupant, ABS with ESP, integrated head restraints for every passenger, wheel-selective torque distribution, traction control, tyre pressure monitoring, and electronic engine immobilization. Having said that, Audi boasts a number of cutting-edge safety and security measures that maintain vehicle stability in case of emergency even at high speed.

Front Fog Lights

Audi’s primary headlight housing has “fog lights.” Due to this feature, Audi is the greatest vehicle to drive at night, in conditions of thick snow, dust, and fog. The vehicle’s lowest portion has fog lights set at a sharp angle to the ground. The road and everything nearby are well-lit by this type of lighting. Using this tool when driving in bad weather is an additional safety measure.

Multi-Function Steering Wheel

The multi-functional sports leather steering wheel from Audi is intended to prevent the driver’s hand from slipping off of it. It is designed to make it simpler to carry out commands including accessing the driver information system, turning on the speech dialogue system, activating the navigation cue during active route guiding, and adjusting the speaker level. The combination of all these incredible features puts Audi automobiles ahead of their competitors in the market.

Audi vehicles are not only stylishly constructed, but they also provide users quality, performance, and safety. Its incredible characteristics make it stand out and outperform other cars while also satisfying its owners. Audi owners are aware of this and are stringent about maintaining their vehicles, only taking them to the best Audi mechanic in Houston and not just? anywhere else. Audi is a trustworthy brand that you can rely on.

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