Artificial Grass for Garden

artificial grass

Artificial grass for garden and lawn is becoming one of the most sought after landscaping ideas nowadays. It is a fast growing, yet cost effective way to make your desired look in the garden without spending too much time and money. It is easy to maintain and has proven to be beneficial in a lot of areas. This article will explore the major advantages and disadvantages of artificial grass for garden and lawn and what you should do to start using this innovative landscaping idea today.

Artificial grass for garden and lawn is a combination of soil and grass clippings, which are mixed together with fertilizer and subsequently applied as a unique pattern to the lawn or garden. The artificial grass Dubai is often known as such since it is scientifically proven to look exactly like authentic grasses with its distinct green color, no growing needs for water and no need for weeds to keep it alive. It can withstand all seasons and is easy to maintain. However, there are many disadvantages you need to consider before installing it. Let’s discuss some of these below:


Maintenance With the rising cost of maintaining lawns, you may now see why artificial grass has become popular lately. Even with all its great advantages however; maintenance of this type of landscape is expensive. There are several factors you have to consider such as periodic application of fertilizer and mowing, cleaning, and more. These things can cost a fortune especially if you have a large area to maintain. And if you don’t have the time or patience to maintain your own artificial grass, you better choose a different option such as a natural landscape lawn.


Many would think that installing artificial grass is good for the environment. But to know the truth; this type of landscape can be detrimental to the nearby surrounding as well. During the July 4th weekend, many millions will gather in cities worldwide to celebrate. If you install fake turf, you can deny all the noise and enjoy the party outdoors.


Noise The main disadvantage of using artificial turf in the city is the sound it creates. If the volume is low, it can annoy the neighbors and passers-by. If the noise is too loud, the whole neighborhood may be affected which could cause social issues.

Unattractive look

Unattractive It has been seen that even celebrities prefer to use artificial grass. Why? Apart, from looking unattractive on any ordinary looking lawn, fake grass has the added advantage of not wearing off. Since artificial grass doesn’t need watering unlike natural grass, it looks good all the year round. Also since there are no weeds to maintain and mowing is easy, it is very cost effective and can be maintained easily.

Maintenance In case of lawn maintenance, there is no need to worry about it anymore. Synthetic turf can last for years. Unlike natural grass, it requires almost no maintenance to check for any damage that is caused by insects and scratches. With royal grass artificial grass, there is no need to replace it every year because it fades in a matter of few years. Nowadays, there are several companies that offer warranties for their artificial grass products.

Pros and Cons

These are some of the pros and cons of grass carpet that one should keep in mind while deciding whether it is right for your home or not. In order to have a perfect artificial lawn, one must consider the size of the space required, the climate conditions, amount of sunlight and water and the level of comfort. If any of these factors are overlooked, you can definitely achieve the desired results and make artificial turf a perfect addition to your garden. Make sure to avail the best artificial turf for you that is made with the highest quality materials. You can always find the best company offering quality products and services at reasonable prices.

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