The Art of Visual Content – Boost Engagement on Social Media

What is visual content?

Visual content is online content, now when we assume visual content is something you can see visual is something you can view. It’s just not about photography though, it tends to be the first thing when people think of visual content.

Visual content is a vast term it includes a lot of things like Pictures, Diagrams, Charts, Infographics Online videos, Screenshots, Memes, Pdfs, Slides decks, downloads & etc.

Visual Content Marketing delivers useful data in a fascinating graphic format. To attract visitors or customers to your business you need to have powerful visual content, powerful WEB content, your business & your industry.


The world is advancing promptly and so are industry strategies. As you can see the visual speak louder than anything now. People are coming up with solid visual ideas to grab that attention be it a digital platform or a traditional platform. Every business person is working on the visuals.

For instance, as you go through different travel & tourism websites you can see the graphics of the website is advanced the information in the website keeps fading and coming back with other information, there are transitions used to show various destination information they have covered, also there’s a glitch effect on the pictures changing the content. And that’s how you can say that the technology & the world has evolved with time, And in the coming time, the technology & the visualisation would indeed boom the industry.

Social Media platforms are also the main target for visual contents, people wanting to make more of an impact and wanting them to stand out of the presence and the visual content is the main focus for growing immensely. From those headers at the top of your blog to your social media graphics to the bar chart you use all of this is visual content & the list is forever growing.

Why should we use visual content?

Visual content is time-consuming, but it’s worth the wait. It’s been said that the visuals are far more notable than text & it engages the mind and brain differently. Our brains process visuals very easily than long-form text.

There is 80 per cent of people who has a positive impact on visual content. Think back to your day to day in that Instagram post that you liked or the news article that you may have read online you maybe weren’t consciously aware of it but you will more than likely remember the stats and the number from the news diagram.

There’s this Instagram post of your friend having an ice cream on a beach during his or her vacation so now you cannot remember the caption word to word that he or she has mentioned but you can view the visuals in your mind & describe it & perhaps visual content is said to be a king during this time.

Let’s get into the tips of visual content marketing how it can be useful for your business or your post-

Here are 5 visual content tips to follow-

  1. For your image for the platform you tend to use it on- Now it’s not necessary that your content would do super okay in other platforms like so when you create a post for Facebook it is not necessary that you would get the same response on Twitter, Twitter has a different set of audience & format while you can post long text captions on Facebook while Twitter doesn’t allow that. Twitter has a very minimum number of words to explain with your pictures.

 2.  Get consistent – When we talk about getting consistent its about branding you need to have brand & brand guidelines whether you are an agency that has multiple people working on creating content or you are just a one-person show having these rules documented gives you a lot of ability to create quickly without having to think like for an instance deciding like what colour should I be using here, what kind of feeling am I going for. So you need to be very consistent. Now you might be having two different contents but it should contain some overarching feel and match your brand.

  3.  Creative narrative – As you can see how busy & very loud a marketing place it can feel like you’re getting lost in the crowd & the noise & it takes something different to capture the human beings attention. Now instead of muffling that huge amount of budget into the machines well you can take a new approach to your particular niche that can give you the edge that little bit of uniqueness that will set you apart from all of your competitors as well.

  4.   Put thoughtful image – You need to put some thought-full image every image you put for your visual content marketing. Now since there’s covid-19 going on you cannot post images of any non-social distancing post because that might affect people and the crowd would follow that which is wrong since you would be posting thoughtful images of cleanliness & hygiene, follow covid norms sings and wash your hands regularly images. Bland images or irrelevant images would put your visual content down.

  5.    Always use visuals- In any of your content marketing always & always make sure to use visual content. Now when you talk about something really important like some facts in the digital newspaper visual play an important role because when you put your story out there the only text would look very blend, people need to watch some visuals to understand certain things and visual attract the target audiences. Visual is a Supreme leader when it comes to any kind of content marketing today on any platform.

To conclude, according to the research it has been said that humans react to visual content faster than non-visual content. It levels up your communication, give a rise to your social media & boost traffic.

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