How You Should Arrange Your Furniture

Just like the color theme, the proper arrangement of furniture is important because it gives an impactful effect on the overall look of your space. When the furniture arrangement is done right, you will have a space that is both functional and comfortable. If you don’t know yet how to update your own seating then here are some ideas on how you should arrange your furniture in a better way.


You can confidently arrange furniture if you know your space?s main function or purpose. So whenever you try to arrange furniture in a blank space ask yourself questions like how space will be used and by how many individuals? Whatever you get the answer will help you in knowing what type of furniture you will need to put. In this way, you save your time by avoiding the placement of unnecessary furniture.

Decide Your Focal Point

It is important to know the defining element of your space because you will need to arrange the furniture around it. Look around your space and know if there is any element which can draw your eyes up?  It could be anything ? a fireplace, a TV, bed, coffee table, big wall art or painting. Whatever it is, arrange furniture in front of it so that you can take advantage of it. But make sure there should be at least 5 feet distance between the focal point and furniture for the better view.

Furniture Arrangement For Conversation

Place a few chairs in the middle of the room in order to create a space that is specially meant for the conversation. Leave some space between each chair for traffic flow but not more than 7 feet so that people can comfortably talk with each other. If you want to add a coffee table at the center to put down any items then make sure there should be 8 to 12 inches distance between table and chairs. This type of furniture arrangement is also good for those who don?t have any focal point and want to create their own.

Consider Traffic Flow

Don?t forget to consider the traffic flow while arranging furniture because nobody likes to walk in a zigzag path. Your furniture arrangements should appear open rather than being an obstacle. Arrange your furniture in a way that there is a clear path between your entryway and any doors of your rooms so that people can get-in, get-out or navigate through in your home without any difficulty. It means you should not place any heavy furniture between them.

Use Symmetry

It is an easy way to make your furniture arrangement look stable if your space is formal. You just need to find out the room’s focal point and then place an identical size furniture piece at both sides of it. For example, place a bookshelf at both sides of the fireplace and a sofa at both sides of the coffee table.

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Furniture arrangement can be easy if you know how to create a balance through different furniture items. Instead of putting all of your furniture on one side, place different size furniture throughout the space. For instance, if you have a medium height sofa then you can balance it by placing low height ottomans and high height coffee table or end table.

Ease of Use

In your dining room, try to arrange a dining table and chair set below a light fixture or chandelier and allow at least 6 inches between each chair so that you can serve your guests without getting hesitant. If your dining area is large then keep 48 inches between edges of the table and wall otherwise 35 inches is sufficient to freely walk behind the chairs on all sides.


When arranging furniture, make sure there is variety in shapes and material if you want a unique look. For example, if you have leather chairs then create a contrast by placing other pieces of furniture like a magazine rack or coffee table made from wood. You can also put straight and curved furniture together.

Bedroom Furniture arrangement

Place a bed in a way that it cannot block the natural light from the window. Don?t put the nightstand far away from the bed so that you can easily access the things which you want before sleeping. If you want to arrange other furniture items like a dresser or makeup vanity then keep them 30 inches away from the bed. Don?t forget to keep enough space for the traffic to flow from the bed to the door.


Arrange furniture in a way that establishes boundaries for doing different activities. This type of furniture arrangement will really help when you have less space for doing different things. For example, simply put the study desk behind the sofa if you want to create a space for doing both activities like reading and seating at one place.


Furniture arrangement is tough work as you need to think about both functionality and how it looks after placing. But it doesn?t mean that you have to be an expert to properly do this. Simply know what works best for your space so that you will be able to arrange furniture in a way that maximizes your space and will never need to rearrange.

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