Business Challenges Of App Like Gojek Clone In The Philippines

App Like Gojek Clone In Philippines

It might seem all rosy-rosy to launch the Gojek Clone App and earn profits until you face reality. Remember no business grows without the challenges. Gojek Clone App being a multi-service provider under a single platform faces a wide range of challenges especially when it is in a place like the Philippines. 

Following are the challenges of App like Gojek in the Philippines which help you in providing the insights so that you don?t face them and make an improvement. 

Dealing with demand and supply

Often the stores and service providers listed on the app are unable to reduce the gap between the demand and supply.  The customers can hardly wait when they have the urge to place the order. When they do not find the shopping and the services on your app, they are likely to uninstall the app. 

You can eliminate this issue by trying the following:

  • Ensure there is an additional capacity of the products/services available.
  • Developing a robust agile supply chain by swapping suppliers and distributing information to suffice the demands. 
  • Make sure that there is a collaboration between your peer networks 

Payment Integration

Integrating online payment options in Gojek Clone App requires having sophisticated coding as well as APIs to cater to the requirements. Payment options not working properly can take a huge chunk of your customers. Furthermore, data encryption and security have to be kept at paramount importance. Having a reliable app development company can take care of this, ensuring you that your customers never face any payment-related issues.

Live to track

Incorporating the feature of real-time GPS is vital in your Gojek Clone App that many other entrepreneurs fail to do so. 

This helps in tracking the order/services/deliveries in real-times. Thus, the user gets to know the estimated arrival time. The live-tracking feature in a way give assurance about the order/service/delivery reaching on time 


If you are launching an app like Gojek in the Philippines, remember there is no shortage of manpower. You will get competitive labor. However, how reliable and committed they are in the questions. To make results meet, your Gojek Clone App requires dedicated manpower.? This is a crucial aspect, thus the majority of the on-demand apps are facing this issue. Thus when you are launching your app, you can either outsource the manpower to a 3rd party or hire only experienced and experts who know their job well.

Technical issues and downtime

The majority of the Gojek App Solutions are easy to grasp. It is rare for the app to face technical issues, but after all, it is software, afterall connected with the technology. Entrepreneurs have been facing downtimes and bug errors with their Gojek Clone App. The most common issues that arise in developing an on-demand platform include dealing with different OS, requiring appropriate plugins, designing the features, as well as basic infrastructure. 

Your Gojek Clone App development company should provide you with 24/7/365 day support in terms of Bug support, Up-gradation and the provider should have a reliable tech support team so that in times of crisis this can be resolved. They should be able to solve these technical issues when they are building your Gojek Clone App. 

In Conclusion

Gojek Clone App can cater to the growing needs of customers in the Philippines. This is a Super App that enables you to leverage multiple on-demand services as per your business requirements.

At the end of the day, for every entrepreneur profit matters. Hence, buy a reliable Gojek Clone Script from a white-label clone app development company. Interact with the team to discuss your dream project to launch your app in the Philippines. Since they have already worked with global clients, they know what it takes to make your app successful. They will provide you with the live demo to check on different devices and platforms. Once you have placed the order, they start the white-labeling process and that is how you get to start your on-demand multi-services business in the Philippines in just 6 days.

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