Android Development Course Online- Scope and Future

Better late than never to learn a new skill. Android development is a trending subject at the moment. You can embark on the road to prosperity and success if you take up the android development course and complete it with flying colors. The good news is that the android development course is online, opening up the doors for you to be hired as an android engineer as soon as you complete the course. Additionally, you have the advantages of joining the course as per your comforts at home.

What is Android?

Before learning any new language or thing, first of all, you need to understand its basics and history. So Android is a programming language used to develop Mobile based application, and It is trendy in today’s time. As the world’s 90% smartphones work on Android-based O.S. and also It is effortless to learn. Android is an open-source language as anyone can update its source code and make his/her version of Android O.S. 

 All about the android development online course

The android development course online in India is a new course that offers scope for a tremendous opportunity in this modern age of technology where everything is done using the smartphone. The apps are meant to drive phones. Android development course is all about developing the apps that matter. You have several companies, including Google, that wishes to train people online and take them on board too. The training courses are sure to propel the career possibilities of the person who has taken up the professional course offered by a quality android development training website online that provides certification as well. 

What would you learn?

The topics that would be covered in the android development course online in India offered by a quality website include:

  • Setting up an android environment
  • Mastering the architecture of android systems
  • Learning the architecture of user interfaces
  • Setting up an android studio
  • Android application life cycle
  • Customizing widgets and setting up the options menu
  • Practical development of apps using controls, layouts, content providers, multimedia API, etc.
  • Learning the ways to use configuration changes
  • Learning mechanisms to ensure data security
  • Learning to use and build trending apps and testing them during the duration of the course, making it worthy of enhancing your portfolio when you apply for a job.
  • App development and publishing

And much more. It is a course that is primarily designed to meet the requirements of programmers with basic knowledge in Java, Python, C+, etc., to learn to create mobile apps on an android platform to optimize the user experience.

Why should you take up the course?

It is the best way to stay updated about the new technology in Android. Besides, it is an excellent way to prepare before attending a job interview and joining the workforce of renowned companies that are usually ready to offer a well-paid job. The salary that you can expect when you are certified is around $62k-$159K. It also opens up scope for working from anywhere in the world as a freelancer. Use Coding Ninjas as a partner to realize your goal. 

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