Android 10: Everything we know so far about Google’s next mobile OS!

Are you tired of speculating so much about, what would come out of IT wizard “Google’s” Pandora Box? However, it’s time to end the curiosity because curiosity kills cat! Really!! Well, just kidding with killing and cats, but it’s true that finally Google has announced the launching date of Android-10 as September 3rd of this year, with so, many promising features, salivating all android lovers in killing market. Android-10 is said to be, offering more delicious, happy deal like many enhanced features with less power consumption and all.  Whereas, there is a buzz like a buzz of bees in market, that Android-10’s bug droid mascot is going to swallow Android-Q’s bug droid mascot.  

Changing Name of Bug droid along doing Skin-blackening!

It seems Mr Google has some new tricks up in it’s sleeves, as the notion has been confirmed by Google’s android developers that they are going to rename the latest version of android Q. Why? Right! The question seems justified here, as, it’s not like this that Google has gotten bored with the letter Q! Insights are that in order to make android more consumers friendly, it has been allotted a numeric name so that everyone can identify which version is in trending without getting confused with abc’s.

Whereas, Bug droid is also subjected to skin blackening from it’s trademark green color to facilitate visual impairment consumers.

Entering Market Wearing its Dark Theme Suit, Say Goodbye to Navigating Buttons

Google has been launching Android-10 in black theme as an official theme, well not to give it a gothic look but giving it a look, which has:

  • A classy feel
  • Cool OLED displays
  • Less power consumption 

Android-10 is replacing all it’s navigating buttons with gesture-oriented navigation system. Like if you want to go home swipe up, for multi-tasking swipe up and hold and if you wish to go back swipe from the left side of the android and feel the magic unfolds. Sometimes students search for help with assignments, they need to find navigating button that are hassle for them. However, this worries are diminished due to Google Android 10 features. 

Then what if someone doesn’t like these magical features at all?

Well they can always switch default settings back to classical android Q’s pattern and can stay comfortable with their comfy button.

Customizable Interface with bubbling Time restraint

The beta bug droid of android-10 is proposing 8 colourful themes to make interface more customizable to suite the taste of consumer. Whereas, market gurus are speculating that this colourful variety may change in final make up of Android-10.

Bubble notification system will float on whatever user is using, facilitating the users to reply messages etc. by expanding it as these bubbles would act as tiny display for a while without disturbing the content you are working on. Whereas, these bubbles become eventually drop out when you do not need them.  Just sweet like Bubbles of Power puff girls. Peeking Menu for You to Swipe Out! Thanks to Focus Mode 

Yes, that’s right there is a peeking menu like a Casper the friendly ghost, for availing it you just have to hold the edge of display for a micro while, bingo! Menu drawer is peeking just swipe out to use it. 

I don’t like such creepy peeking feature!!

Well, in that case, stay happy as you still can use your favourite hot dog button.

Do, you also get annoyed? With so many sudden pop ups out of blue dreading you more than Rita Skeeter’s pointless nagging. Well in this case you are more fortunate than Harry Potter to be saved up this focus mode of android-10 as, you just have to turn on the mode and notifications from all other apps will not show for a while until you switch off the mode. This will allow the users to focus on apps they are using.

Android-10 Customizing Security and Privacy, and providing Captions for You Everywhere

With this feature you can secure your privacy well while setting your privacy setting conveniently. How you can do it? Well it’s simple, in android -10 privacy controls is placed at top in settings whereas, your location information will only be shared if the app is in use. You wonder the management assignment help document is stored well or someone has the doors to open it easily. There is when Andriod-10 privacy setting helps you out. 

Is it wonderful to have captions anytime and at any side of display of your android? Yes, indeed therefore, Android-10 is using Google’s speech recognition technology to process what the speaker of video is saying and display it in forms of captions for it’s user, including live speech.

Activate Google Assistant through Gestures

It seems android-10 is taking it’s users to new world of gestures, a world which is button less. Users just have to switch diagonally from any corner most edge to activate Google Assistant, while don’t worry for being clue less as Android-10 will provide little visual aid in form of little white handles to navigate where is Google assistant sleeping actually. 

Jumping to Fast Sharing with Formatting Magician

Android-10 has been upgraded with fast sharing shortcuts, like sharing a file or photo users can now skip slow-to-load journey and enjoy direct sharing.

Do you fret when seeing a blur or bokeh photo? If yes, then it’s good news for you that with this enhanced feature of android-10 you can fix or format your picture taken with multiple lenses. Whether your friend or colleague takes a blur picture of you in their android, don’t worry just say thanks and format picture in your own android according your own taste.

In a Nutshell

Well there is so much yet to offer by Android-10, it is expected that it will cover all the lacking of the android Q, and will be more consumer friendly. Hence, Google’s android developer has definitely put their best in it to make it customisable for every consumer belonging to various walks of life. With features like taking good quality pictures even in poorly lit environment, through advanced AV1 video codec, and introducing foldable trend would surely be an ice candy for the consumers.

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