6 Amazing Prank Websites You Can Use In Lockdown

Pranking with friends and loved ones make our relationships fun-filled and joyful. But, even if your friends and colleagues are not with you today, you can still surprise them by sending links to prank websites to get them to fall into your prank trap. Today, we will introduce you to the number of best websites to prank on the internet that will help you to fool your loved ones just for fun reasons.

These links are like a treat to all those who want to pull their friend�s leg by creating funny and hilarious moments with them.

In today�s era of lockdown, where all of us are in home quarantined, prank sites are useful to have fun online. These funny links can be shared through social platforms to play with our loved ones, fool them for no reason, and enjoy those hilariously crazy moments on their faces.

Now a day�s online pranking becomes a trend. However, people now are more cautious; but sometimes excitement overcomes beyond the caution, and this is the moment you can use to prank them!

But hang on! Is it that easy to prank anybody? Think about it again..!

We all spend half of our time on the internet, where we go through many scare links that contain horrifying videos which you can download with the help of 4Hub, prank tasks, and much more. So, in this case, most of the pranks we share within our circle are already seen or experienced by most of the people, which makes it less effective for us to prank them all.

So that means you will need fresh links to prank people that they have never experienced before. But how do find such new prank website links that can amaze people?

Well, we have covered them all!

Here we are listing out the best prank websites to help you find out newer ways to entertain, surprise, and prank your friends and family members.

Here is a list of 6 Best Prank Websites to Amaze Your Friends

1.      Prank Mania

Prank Mania is an online treasure of the newest pranks for all genres. You can search for any prank category on this site. Not only this, but you can also create your own customized pranks in just a few steps and use those prank links to send in your circle. You can simply register on prank mania and start creating your own prank, or just search from the existing pranks available and get the links to share them in your contacts.

2.     Geek Prank

Geek Prank is one of the fresh pranks sites that you can physically use on your colleagues� computers to fool them. The Geek Prank works like a clone of a computer screen. Use this prank on your friend�s computer when he is away from the pc.

When you open the geek prank link and press on start prank on your friend�s computer, it will show him the default Windows XP pc screen along with Internet Explorer, Winamp Player, and other programs running on the screen. Not only this but also the programs you see on the prank screen work like normal, which makes your prank victim believe that his computer is acting weird.

Once you are done pranking your friend, you can simply press the escape button on the keyboard to exit this prank. Have fun.

3.     Hackertyper

This website is created in the year 2011. If you want to show your friends that you are a stereotypical hacker, you just like in movies, then Hackertyper will be the best prank links that you can use for your friends.

Since the time the website developed, it brought the smiles to the face of many people around the world. This website makes you feel like a temporary hacker. However, if you also want to become a hacker and scare your friends through this, then Hackertyper is the best website.

4.      Prank Caller

If you want to make fun of your friends sitting beside you, then calling them with an automated prank call and asking stupid questions that they would hate to answer will create good humor around your group. All you need is a Prank Caller website or mobile app that you can download from Google Play Store or Apple Store, and you are done.

The service has lots of anonymous calling scenario�s to choose from while setting up a prank call for your friends. You can even hear the live conversation between the anonymous prank caller and your friend through the prank caller mobile app or website.

5.      Blow Up The Phone

Blow up the phone is an online service that helps you to prank with your friends by sending them a massive amount of funny messages from various contact numbers.

The best part of the pranks from this website is that the receiver will not get to know who is sending them messages. Try it out and blow up someone�s phone!

6.      Love Calculator Prank

Love calculator will help you know your friend�s crush name by making them greed. It�s a best prank for love birds.

In this prank, you have to create your own link and send it to your friends to see their love interest and have fun. This fake calculator trick will reveal your friend�s crush name to you and gives you some fun-filled moments with your buddies.

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