Alidropship Review: Alidropship Pricing, Coupons, Usability & Service

    Alidropship Review

    In this review I?m going to give you a little insight on my perspective of Alidropship Review, pricing, products, usability, and service.

    Alidropship Review: Alidropship Pricing, Coupons, Usability & Service

    Alidropship Price

    First and foremost, the membership pricing is completely different. They no longer offer a 14 day free-trial that they used to have; instead they give you a 30 days money back guarantee features. With the Alidropship chrome extension you will only be able to list up to 25 products on your shop, however I believe this is enough for you to get an idea of what you are getting into, and that?s pretty much the point. In my opinion, the chrome extension is much better than the 14 day-trial that they used to offer.

    For the paid membership plans, they now have 3 packages:

    • Basic Plan,
    • Ultimate Plan &
    • Advanced Plan

    which are $299, $899 & $499 respectively. The difference between the packages is basically lower transaction fee and higher inventory limit as you move up. Quite the price hike compared to the $299/yr in the past. Then again, I guess you can?t expect the price to be exactly the same, considering the improvements they have made since then.

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    Sadly though, they still got issues sometimes when it comes to product availability, so just like before I highly do not recommend you sell on Aliexpress regardless of what they say about being an Aliexpress Certified Provider. Just don?t do it, because chances is that you will eventually damage your feedback score. Improvements in the near future regarding inventory reliably is highly unlikely in my opinion. I just don?t see it happening anytime soon, so my recommendation is really just to stay away from it all together.

    With regards to product pricing, unfortunately it isn?t much better either. Do not expect Alidropship product pricing to be wholesale prices, because for most products they are not! They are only slightly cheaper than the retail prices you find elsewhere on the internet and some products are even more expensive than retail prices. This is however, not to say that you can?t find some good products with good prices, just a heads up on what to expect.

    Alidropship Usability

    The usability aspect of Alidropship is where they improved the most. Like before Alidropship usability is great, for both beginners and experienced users. You can pick from a variety of nicely designed templates. In addition, the templates are also quite customizable. And of course they still got the cool coupon creater feature, newsletter and other marketing tools. But the best of all, they now give you the ability to sell your own products! This means that you can sell products from other dropshippers and wholesalers in your Alidropship store. On top of that you can also list items for other Alidropship users to sell. So in if anything, Alidropship is a great E-Commerce solution for you to build a turn-key E-Commerce website.

    Alidropship Service & Support

    In terms of service & support, Alidropship is on top of it?s game. I have submitted an inquiry and it took 14hrs for me to get my response which is pretty good. However, the forum which they used to have for members is now gone. I wonder why they decided to remove the forum. It was a great place for people to hang around and learn things from other members.

    ALidropship Review Conclusion

    Yes, you definitely can make money here and it is a legit dropshipper. However, the likelihood you are going to see the big bucks coming in? Not very likely. To be successful, you will have to put a lot of effort in it. Make sure you do research into what you choose to sell before building your store. It is a great place for people that are new to dropshipping, because you can learn a lot, not because you will make a lot of money. My guess is that most people, don?t make money with Alidropship but it?s possibly the one best place for you to get your feet wet.

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