AI-Powered Document Verification Software Deterring Fraudulent Attempts

Fake documents are not a new term these days when fraudsters use them to deceive other people or authorities. From fake medical certificates to financial statements, illegitimate documents are in the system. But not all the attempts are successful, businesses are using document verification services to safeguard themselves.

Document Verification

A possession of validating and confirming the document’s data and format is called document verification. It is a robust, automated, and online process of verification proceed by software. It includes several checks that can differentiate between legitimate and fake documents.

Furthermore, it is a three-step process done in real-time, lets understand this through an example of id verification through documents:


For id verification, a business requires an id document approved by the government. The customer has to upload a photo of this document. For the customer’s ease and convenience, there is no need for a specified camera, a normal mobile phone or webcam can be used for clicking pictures.


Data extraction is a tough task when it comes to numerous document images. To reduce time and resources, document verification uses OCR to capture data from the image. For the data verification, the document needs to be digitized. For that OCR first locates the required information, as all the area of the documents has the necessary data. Like OCR will look for the name section in the image.


This is the most important step of verification in which the document undergoes all the necessary checks. It is a complex process in which the software checks each millimeter of the image. By doing so the document verification software guarantees the authenticity of the document.

Document Verification Checks

Government-issued documents have specific traits and characteristics that make them different from other documents. Below are some types of checks:


In some countries, id documents have the signature of the owner or the officer of the government authority. The verification software checks the signature on the document and analyzes (real or fraudulent) it.


Like signatures, stamps are also an essential part of an authentic document. The document verification software finds the stamp area and then confirms its genuineness.


Holograms are applied to the document to make it distinctive from fake ones.

MRZ Code

In this updated world, documents have machine-readable codes printed on them. MRZ needs to be decoded through a scanner for information retrieval. AI-based software first checks the authenticity of MRZ code, then decodes it.

Format and Paper Quality

The verification system checks for the writing format and paper quality. The original documents have a distinct format and paper. The software is trained enough to verify the format and the essence of the paper.

Fraudsters use the following documents to deceive the system:

Fake Documents

These documents are completely fake, fraudsters make the paper and put data onto it, and create a lookalike of the original document.

False Documents

The documents that are original but are do not belong to the person claiming their ownership are called false documents. Usually stolen or illegally accessed papers are used in case of false documents.

Photoshopped Documents

Modified identity documents are those which are original but have minor edits on them through photoshop software. For instance, some people alter their age to get early age benefits.

Wrapping it Up

Before online document verification software, people have to go to the business office to get themselves registered as a customer. This was a very tiresome and erroneous process as it was done by humans. The employees used to look and analyze each document and check its authenticity. But now businesses can verify their customer’s documents without scheduling a visit to the office. Customers will feel more comfortable with this ease and give better feedback for the business. Businesses should choose online document verification to give seamless services for customers.

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