Affordable Ways to Change Your Small Business Space

You know that having a tidy home that is well arranged has a positive impact on your mood. The same is true for your office space. A drab office space hampers productivity stifles creativity, and can make you feel frustrated. If you are a small business owner on a budget, you may think it is impossible to give your office space an overhaul. However, there are minor tweaks you can make to your small business office space that can revitalize it.

Make the Air Fresher

When thinking about sprucing up your small business office space, you probably think first about how it looks. However, changing how your office smells can make it a nicer place to work. Several reports show how making an office space spell fresher can improve your focus and accuracy. An air freshener is inexpensive, but its results are priceless.

Make Your Small Business Space Your Own

Just because your small business space is clean and organized does not mean it will inspire you. Once you?ve done the basics, it?s time to throw in a couple of unique touches. This does not have to be expensive. For example, why not paint your company?s logo on the wall?

large wall art

Bring in something homemade or antique art to give your office a unique feel. If you can?t afford to go out and buy office furniture, find an internet tutorial on how you can take reclaimed wood from pallets to make something that is simple yet unique.

Ditch the Corporate Art

Corporate art is boring. It sucks the life out of a room. You do not need cheesy inspirational phrases on the wall. There are many better things you can do with your design budget. If you can?t afford to go out and buy new art, download digital art that has a Creative Commons license. Crop or zoom in on certain parts of it. Put it in an inexpensive frame that you can purchase for a couple of dollars. You will be surprised at how this little change livens up your office.

Don?t rule out ordering wall art online. Oversized artwork produced by this generation’s favorite artists can bring your small business space to life. You will be surprised at how affordable large wall art is and how much it can impact your space in a positive way. At the same time, you contribute to a new or young artist with each purchase.

Make Do with a Simple Desk

It looks cool sitting behind a large glass or mahogany desk. However, you don?t need something so expensive or elaborate. Multibillion-dollar corporations have realized that a great way to economize is to use a simple desk. All you need is a slab of wood that you can attach legs on. You might be able to find something simple, like an old wooden door, that you can turn into a unique yet attractive desk.

Throw in a Splash of Green

When you go outdoors, it makes you feel calm. You can have that same feeling in your small business space by bringing some of the outdoors inside. Get a couple of live plants. Seeing something green at work will make being creative so much easier. Find ways to decorate your space with unpainted wood, or situate your desk so that you are looking outside.

Keep Things Well Lit

Unless you are the Caped Crusader, you are going to work better if you have adequate lighting. Adequate lighting will make you feel happy. If possible, choose a space that has a lot of natural sunlight. However, if a small business space with many windows is not in the budget, get some lovely lamps and put them on your desk. Brightly painted walls are another way of keeping the office cheery.

Make a Space for Relaxation

Why not pick one space in your office and include an upholstered chair with a sidearm desk big enough for a laptop? Throw in a matching footstool and have the chair facing a window. This will give you and your employees a place to go and work that is a bit different than sitting at the desk.

Small Business Redecorating on a Budget

It doesn?t have to cost you an arm and a leg to spruce up your small business. Just minor changes can make a big difference in your workspace.

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