10 Adventurous Things To Do In Croatia- An Adventure Like No Other

Are you bored living the same monotonous routine of sitting in front of your laptop and working? Want to end the cycle before it kills your creative mind and turns you into a bland person. Well, what are you waiting for when all the adventure unlocks you if you choose to go on vacation to Croatia? This country is filled with things to do and see. And before you get lost in the sea, we have picked out 10 adventurous things to do in Croatia just for you. So, let’s dive in!!!

10 adventurous things to do in Croatia

The pretty blue seas, steep mountains and cascading waterfalls; everything about Croatia just invites you to plunge deep into the country. Let’s look at the list of 10 adventurous things to do in Croatia made for you. 

Bungee Jumping and Skydiving

Bungee jumping and skydiving are among the most popular adventure activities, it is the dream of many adventure enthusiasts to do bungee jumping one day. Croatia offers many places where you can go bungee jumping and skydiving like the Dalmatia coast over the Adriatic sea, Hvar, Zagreb, where you can relish in a tandem free fall. You can also come to the Sibenik bridge between July and August to go bungee jumping. It is one sport that keeps your blood pumping and makes you feel free. 


Among all the adventure sports in Croatia paddleboarding is one of the most adrenaline-pumping activities that you must experience on your Croatia tour packages. There are various spots scattered all around the country that give you the opportunity to paddleboard. Dubrovnik, Bacina Lakes, Split, and Hvar are some of the places where you can savour the thrill of dancing on the waves of clear turquoise waters. Paddleboarding not only offers great views but also gives you a chance to observe the ruins of the Roman Empire. 

Trekking Race

This adventure has a completely different name in Croatia, this is called Skraping here. Trekking race is a newly added adventure activity but it has stolen the heart of many thrill-seekers who visit the country. It is a peculiar sport unique to Croatia that has two main aspects that cause thrill in human beings- adventure and competition. The participants are given a map with checkpoints, they have to reach these checkpoints. For motivating people with different capacities there are three different categories available which include the ultra trail of 47 km, challenger trail of 25 km, and an active trail of 12 km. 


Splashing through the high waves can never fail to raise goosebumps, and you are never too old to enjoy. Croatia especially is home to azure waters that gives you the much-needed thrill when you want to enjoy water sports. If you love waterskiing, you will enjoy it even more in Croatia. So, everyone who is a water baby out there can come to enjoy the sports. 


Ziplining is one of the most thrilling recreation activities on our list, the 10 adventurous things to do in Croatia. You will enjoy this adventure activity in Croatia by doing Ziplining at thirty-five metres high on the Crikvenica coastal region. You will descend 500 metres down in a matter of 30 seconds. This speed will surely leave your heart racing. There are numerous other places where you can enjoy the thrill of zip lining like Pazin Cave. Here, you ride 40 km of 220 metres. Or you can zip line at Cetina River Canyon from 2100 metres at a speed of 65 km per hour. 

Cliff Jumping

Are you tired of wearing harnesses and other protective gear? Well, we surely have a solution. You can enjoy cliff jumping in Croatia, where you get only shoes as protective gear. Whether you desire to discover offbeat cliffs or you want to go to the most famous cliff jumping places, you are free to explore wherever you want. And the amount of thrill you want when you land depends on how much your heart can take. You can choose your jump base from two to ten metres. This sport is certainly not an option for a faint-hearted person.  


Have you watched the movie Bang Bang starring Hrithik Roshan? Have you seen him do this cool sign that was inspired by Spiderman 2 on a fly board? Flyboarding combines the thrill of three sports: skateboarding, snowboarding and jet skiing. A fly board combines with the jet of the jet ski with the support of a hose. Boots are attached to the jet board to hold the person, and it is lifted off the ground with the help of thrusts from the hose.


Croatia has a lot to offer when it comes to adventure. It has a range of caves depending on the amount of difficulty you can handle. The most famous of all caves is Modric Cave, it is located near Rovanjska. This cave is 829 metres long, you won’t find any concrete in the cave. There are narrow passages through which you pass as you go into the cave. Other famous caving sites are Veternica cave near Zagreb, Biserujka Cave near Krk and Grabovica Cave Park.

White water rafting

Croatia is rich when it comes to sources of water like rivers, lakes, rapids etc. You can have ample opportunities to enjoy white river rafting in Croatia. The most popular site for white river rafting is the Una River, this river is a border between Croatia and Bosnia. These famous rafting experiences take place in the Bosnia part of the river. You have plenty of routes in Una river from which you can choose, the most famous of them all is Strbacki Buk waterfalls.


Kiteboarding is a new recreation activity in Croatia. It has become extremely popular nowadays and is progressing to be the coolest activity to do in summers. Usce Neretve Beach near Metkovic is the most famous site to kiteboard in Croatia. Other kiteboarding sites are Nin in Zadar and Bol on the Brac island. The Usce Neretve beach is a long sandy beach located at the estuary of River Neretva. 

Croatia is a wonderland for adventure enthusiasts, you can enjoy hiking, trekking, rock climbing and every other adventure you can think of. It is a beautiful mixture of relaxation and adrenaline rush, you can calm your nerves after rushing through the adventure at the scenic beaches of Croatia. Are you up for a thrilling ride through Croatia? Don’t forget to check out our Croatia packages at the Pickyourtrail website. 

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