Advantages of using Instagram Widget on Business Website

    Social media is an integral part of our lives. We know Instagram is the most popular platform with more than a billion active monthly users.

    Marketers also know this and continue to experiment with it content in order to bring new opportunities for brand growth. Instagram Widget is one such discovery. Continue reading to learn more.

    What is an Instagram widget?

    Instagram Widget allows brands to embed Instagram content on their websites. You need to choose a widget platform with a social media aggregater. The aggregator can be used to pull content from Instagram by using hashtags, mentions and your Instagram handle. All your favorite Instagram content will be gathered into one unified feed by the aggregator.

    Further, you can filter the feed to remove duplicate content and irrelevant content. This will leave you with a rich feed. You can customize your Instagram Widget with themes, templates and fonts.

    Instagram widget

    The final step is to generate your embed code for the Instagram widget. After the code is generated, simply copy the code and paste it at the backend to your website. Your Instagram widget will now be available for visitors to engage with.

    Key Benefits of using the Instagram Widget on your Business Website

    1.   Increases website viability

    Instagram is a visual platform that allows users to share vibrant content. With the Instagram Widget, you can bring this vibrancy to your site. You can make your website visually appealing by embedding the Instagram widget on your website.

    The first thing we notice when we look at something is its visuals. With the Instagram Widget you can make a lasting impression on your visitors and capture their attention with beautiful Instagram content.

    2.   Increase website dwell time

    With the Instagram Widget you can bring Instagram content to your website. This will give your visitors something new and refreshing. The Instagram Widget is a great tool to help you stand out from the crowd.

    The Instagram Widget will attract website visitors to your site and encourage them stay longer. Your website’s dwell-time will be increased if website visitors stay longer on your site. Website owners who have websites that are not mobile-friendly often experience higher bounce rates. This is because website visitors abandon the site within a matter of seconds. The Instagram Widget encourages them to stay longer and will reduce the bounce rate of your business website.

    3.   Highlight Your Business Campaigns

    Instagram allows businesses to create campaigns that reach their target audience. Here’s a benefit: If you do this, you will also reap the benefits. You can use the Instagram Widget for your Instagram campaign and make it visible on your website.

    Visitors to your website will be engaged with the content. If they like it, they will visit your Instagram account and follow you. They also have the option of sharing your content with friends and followers. This will allow you to increase your Instagram followers like never.

    4.   UGC builds trust

    Brand-created content was the first form of content. This content allowed brands to spend hours brainstorming about what content would be most popular. Things have changed completely, and consumers now view content consumption in a different way. Consumers now seek authentic content that is less fake and more real.

    Brands have begun to acquire user-generated content. You can upload UGC to Instagram and add it to your website via the Instagram Widget. This will give you something more trustworthy to users. UGC is a way to inspire visitors and makes your website stand out.

    5.   Boost Conversions

    Shoppable is a feature that many Instagram Widget platforms offer. This allows users to purchase directly from the widget. This is a great opportunity to increase your conversions if you have an ecommerce shop. Make an Instagram widget with photos of your products and tag them with Shoppable tags or hotspots.

    Website visitors won’t have to look through the entire site to find products. With the Instagram Widget, they can browse your entire product catalogue. This makes it the ideal social shopping experience. This widget will increase your conversion rates like never before.

    Let’s call it a wrap!

    It’s now time to unwrap it from our end. It is now time to unwrap it from your end. This new opportunity to bring Instagram’s magic into your website is now unwrapped. The Instagram Widget is here! Find out all about it and the benefits it could bring to your website.

    You can now choose the ideal Instagram widget platform to start a new journey of brand growth.

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