6 Advantages of Supported Independent Living

People with disabilities deal with a variety of challenges and obstacles every day. Besides, they often feel discomfort when living in a community with other healthy family members. Therefore, some of them choose to join supported independent living?(SIL) and report better life quality and greater amount of happiness, flexibility, and safety than at other sorts of care centres or at home.

Although they live independently, people with disabilities need extra support from skilled professionals. All of that is available through organizations for supported independent living. Here are some benefits of their choice to live in supported independent living facilities.


Moving into a space where they can live independently allows people with disabilities to make their own decisions and live the life they’ve chosen. But in many cases, they need support despite their independence. And in that case, they don’t have to worry because needed support is given to them by specially trained and experienced staff.

They help people with disabilities in everyday activities such as dressing, showering, cleaning, cooking, and doing laundry, support them in household management and budgeting as well as in developing social and communication skills. When they live in SIL, people with disabilities can have autonomy and at the same time professional support when they need it. Except, family and friends can visit them anytime.


People with disabilities’ new homes will be completely adjusted to their specific requirements and needs, depending on their disability level. Namely, SIL communities are closely associated with architects, designers, and developers to create homes suitable for independent living with quick support opportunities. Moreover, some properties have assistive tech like voice control elements, automatic doors, and intercoms, so people with disabilities can have a lot of control over their living space.

Opportunities for socialized life

Registered organizations for supported independent living?often have several SIL homes that provide support in the area of socializing. Namely, there are communities that people with disabilities can join to make new friendships. Besides, social events are never forced but encouraged, so people with disabilities are able to make choices about with whom and when they will socialize.

SIL providers often organize social gatherings that people with disabilities can attend if they want to. Their lifestyle assistant can also sometimes accompany them on outings they want to go on and help them keep to their budget while they are out.

Freedom and security

Balancing freedom and security is crucial to everyone. Just like others, people with disabilities also need their own space where they can find shelter when getting tired of socializing with other house members. Moreover, they have the freedom to decorate it in a way they like the most.

On the other hand, there is at least one support worker on-site 24/7 to provide house members help if it is needed. Therefore, house members can enjoy freedom knowing that in the facility there is highly trained staff to respond to any emergency and ensure their safety.

Developing skills while getting daily support

In the SIL environment, people with disabilities get support?whenever they need it. That fact helps them develop their skills and maintain independence while there is constant access to support. Regardless of whether they live in a shared or an individual arrangement, there is always a lifestyle assistant to provide support and potentially needed help.

On a daily basis, lifestyle assistants can provide support to people with disabilities by doing various activities such as helping with maintaining personal hygiene, cleaning, cooking, shopping, transport, etc. Their lifestyle assistant can also help them to enhance skills like socializing, budgeting, and maintaining a healthy daily routine… This kind of support must be happening in their own space and in a way that fits their personality, needs, goals, and lifestyle.

Creating a suitable lifestyle

One of the great things about supported independent living is the opportunity for people with disabilities to create their own lifestyle. In the past, they had been living with their family who supported them on their life journey.

But now in a supported independent living environment, people with disabilities can maintain the relationship with their family while living in a space that they can call their home. Because of the presence of skilled and friendly lifestyle assistants, they are also able to spend more quality time with their friends and loved ones.

Since the primary aim of supported independent living is to build independence in a supported and safe environment, people with disabilities can start to fit into a new lifestyle that suits their personalities and interests, while there is the support that enables them confidence.


Almost everyone likes to live independently and to create a lifestyle according to their personalities, interests, needs, and goals. Therefore, people with disabilities should not be the exception. That is possible thanks to environments and organizations that support their independent living.

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