A Complete Guide On eCommerce Catalog Management Services | Introduction, Challenges, Importance, & Advantages

According to Accenture Interactive, 70% of the potential customers search on eCommerce platforms without a brand name of the product. So you see, the possibility of customers seeing your product is based on how well you have managed the product catalog and its price listing. In this article, we will enlighten you on the importance of a well-maintained eCommerce product catalog management and how you can fuel your business by availing services from experts.

Table of Content

  1. Introduction To eCommerce Catalog Management Services.
  1. Challenges Faced By Retailers In eCommerce Catalog Management.
  2. Selling on several platforms.
  3. Adding more to Product Catalog.
  4. Tackling third-party products.
  5. Maintaining product types.
  6. Keeping product catalog up-to-date.
  1. Why eCommerce Catalog Management Services Are Important To Avail?
  2. Improve operations by improving catalog quality.
  3. A lifetime remembering experience for customers.
  4. Get new opportunities.
  1. Advantages Of Availing Catalog And Price Monitoring Services.
  2. It builds your brand’s reputation.
  3. Understand customer’s preference from data history.
  4. Keep consistency across all platforms.
  5. Always be ready for different platforms.

Let us take you through a detailed explanation of each of the aforementioned points.

Introduction To eCommerce Catalog Management Services

eCommerce catalog management is an important method in which items are arranged in a particular way to ensure high-quality data accuracy across distribution channels. The process is mostly performed by the eCommerce catalog management services providing companies to organize, standardize, and upload the product of the retailers on several eCommerce websites.

eCommerce catalog management services

The eCommerce catalog will include the name, price, description, supplier, and all the categories of the product. The details of the product’s style, color, size, type, and everything will be tackled by the experts.

Challenges Faced By Retailers In eCommerce Catalog Management

Maintaining an eCommerce catalog is a difficult and very challenging task for any retailer these days. With the increase in the number of products on your website, the complexity of managing catalogs increases. There is not one but several types of challenges that can be faced by a retailer, some of them are well-discussed below.

 Selling on several platforms

One of the most difficult tasks is when you sell more than one product on various eCommerce websites such as Flipkart, Amazon, eBay among others. The product data management becomes difficult as each eCommerce platform requires a different format of price listing, description, and other details.  Here, as a retailer, you will not be able to keep a check on every platform as per the requirements. And, with not taking care of the listing properly, your sales will decrease.

Adding more to Product Catalog

At times, we need to expand the product catalog for customer’s better understand the distribution of the product’s price. But, this task will turn into the most difficult one if your product catalog is already not well organized. In such scenarios, you either will have to start from scratch in making a design and listing the product catalog or will have to adjust with the existing poor quality of the catalog. This will also lead you to lesser revenue as customers will not find any clarity.

Tackling third-party products

Some retailers are not manufacturers but depend on third-party’s products as well just like the suppliers. If you are one of them, then you also get product data from the third-parties as well. Managing their product catalog data and yours together for more than one eCommerce is a challenging task in itself. For example, a supplier provides your product data in the abbreviation form GRN as Green, the color of the item and you choose another form of the description while listing your product. Here come standardization and hygienic issues. If you do not maintain your product catalog well, you may end up losing many bunches of orders.

  Don’t worry! You can avoid such time-consuming tasks by availing yourself of product catalog and price monitoring services from experts.

Maintaining product types

If you are selling multiple products under one brand, you may face complications in maintaining the product structures. For example, if you are a jeweler, selling all types of ornaments from rings, bangles, neckpieces, anklets, and more. There will be subdivisions such as each type of ring will have its known unique stone, silver, or gold plated. Each type of bangles will have its known design and then further divided into different sizes. You see the challenges you may face in assembling all in a standardized manner.

Avail of eCommerce catalog management services any day to maintain good relationships between your

Keeping product catalog up-to-date

The cost of your products depends on the raw materials whose price changes like every day. So, it is possible that you need to change your product’s price as well. Spending every few minutes on changing the price of the product won’t help. The change in product’s price must justify the reason automatically so that the customer still finds it reasonable and shops your products.

Managing all alone can be messy and problematic. In this competitive period, you cannot afford to miss a single customer because of your catalog mess. That is why eCommerce catalog management services are available at affordable prices.

Why eCommerce Catalog Management Services Are Important To Avail?

For a better experience in online selling, you must have a better product catalog. Catalog and price monitoring services help you to organize catalog data and price listing which leads an eCommerce retailer to gain revenue opportunities for revenue. Go through the below-mentioned points and learn why it is important to fix catalog problem and standardize the listing from experts:

Improve operations by improving catalog quality.

Your other office activities will get benefit from quality product management as well. As you know managing a product catalog takes weeks and when you want to push new products to the website, you end up creating a mess. An eCommerce retailer must be cleaning and normalizing data all the time. But where will you get so much time or are you even an expert in catalog management? That is why availing yourself of the best eCommerce catalog management services is important. Experts will take care of catalog arrangements and price listing and you can concentrate on more critical tasks.

In some cases, poor product catalog management quality affects your business data especially when your data is managed in an ERP system. Whereas, price monitoring services providing companies can help you integrate your systems and sync product listings.

A lifetime remembering experience for customers

In an eCommerce business, a product catalog is an important component of a good online user experience. With the help of SEO and site navigation, the consumer reaches your product. So, it is important how you manage your product data.

Sometimes, potential buyers aren’t sure what they’re looking for. Hence, they need assistance in finding your products without wasting much time. In this procedure, your product catalog functions as a reference for your customers in finding and buying the item they want. For example, a customer is looking for a “washing and dryer machine” and he is asked to confirm whether he is looking for an “all-in-one washing machine”. Customers can get irritated as a result of this. Whereas, product catalog management can help the customer to get their desired product right after searching. Hence, experts will not only manage the catalog but also fuel your sale.

Get new opportunities

Mismanaged product data can stifle your eCommerce company. If you want to diversify your marketing channels and collaborate with new vendors, you must know that not having a good grasp of your product details won’t help you.

By the end of this section, you must have learned why you need to avail yourself of eCommerce catalog management services.

Advantages Of Availing Catalog And Price Monitoring Services

Below, we will walk you through the advantages of price monitoring and the eCommerce catalog management that make your online business easy yet profitable.

It builds your brand’s reputation

According to Accenture Interactive, 81% of the customers who have purchased your product visit your product’s catalog to reorder as they do not remember your brand. Whereas, 28% of your regular customers remember your brand name and reorder by searching. So you see, managing the product catalog is an important role to play for both cases.

Building a brand’s name and reputation without a good catalog is not possible if you sell products at the cheapest price. By availing of price monitoring services at an affordable price, you can keep track of what other sellers of your commodity are charging. And, this is how you can build your brand’s reputation and boost your sales in the long run.

Understand customer’s preference from data history

When a new product has hit the market, the customers are no longer interested in the old one. This is a normal phenomenon in the software industry, in fact in every industry these days. You can be alerted to market changes and respond accordingly by monitoring the past price data and customer choices. So that you can start stocking new goods that customers are searching for and more likely to buy.

Online product listing services can assist you in being the first to notice and appreciate shifts in customer preferences. To learn in detail, click here.

Keep consistency across all platforms

In this mutually connected environment, it is much easier for customers to identify relevant product needs. But, at the same time, brands must ensure that the accuracy of their product data is consistent across all platforms and channels.

Managing and updating a centralized repository for publishing product details across platforms, as well as category-by-category mapping of product information for each marketplace, is a major undertaking.

Always be ready for different platforms

To keep the catalogs up to date, a massive amount of data must be processed and checked. Maintaining the accuracy of your product database with precise data, on the other hand, is typically difficult. Catalog management software plays a vital role in defining desired goods, collecting product specifications, and deciding prices to address those issues.

Along with the assistance from the eCommerce catalog management services provider, learn how else you can maintain a product catalog to fuel sales here. 

We hope that the detailed guide helped you to know the importance and advantages of the eCommerce catalog and price monitoring services quite well. If you are excited to avail of such services and looking for the best services providing company, do let us know through the comment section. Get in touch with the experts today and lead the competition of eCommerce business in no time.

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