Major Roles & Advantages of Book Distribution Services

converting print books to eBooks

Table of Content

  • Introduction To Book Distribution Services
  • Roles Played By Book Distributing Company To Convert Print Book To eBook
  • Brings in an influential content
  • Distributes Content
  • Helps you analyze, strategise, and grow
  • Why Should You Invest In Book Distribution Services?
  • How Book Distribution Company Is A Great Help To Digital Publishers?

Now, let us take you through the detailed explanations of the aforementioned topics. So, stay tuned!

Introduction To Book Distribution Services

The idea of offering ebook distribution services has developed from the motive of helping content publishers and independent authors to prepare their content ready for launching and publishing on the crucial retail platforms. This process includes content organization, management, analysis, improvisation, and distribution for the potential channels.

converting print books to eBooks

Whether you are an independent author or a content publisher, collaborating with a company that can convert print books to ebooks and taking responsibility to digitally distribute your content all over the platforms will be always beneficial.

The sales of your eBook depend on two factors: your product and the marketing strategies. SunTec Digital, a book distribution services providing company takes care of both for you with the help of its self-developed cloud-based digital publishing and distribution platform named OneRead. Let’s discuss the roles played by the service providers to build the career of an author. 

Roles Played By Book Distributing Company To Convert Print Book To eBook

The role of any Book distribution company is not limited to converting print books to eBooks. Many of you may think, even converting a print book to an eBook is also an easy task that doesn?t require experts. Whereas, a random digital book conversion application with little worth lacks the professional touch and that is where a professional makes a difference.?

Whether you are a publisher or an independent writer, if you want to run longer in the big race of the publishing industry, a touch of interactivity is necessary that can be played by only professional book distribution services providing companies.

There are three main roles played by our dedicated team starting from converting a print book to an ebook and ending with increasing the number of potential buyers. Below are the descriptions of each important role:

Brings in an influential content.

Import the content from the print book and convert it to an ebook. Enhance the content and make it fit for all types of screens such as desktops, tablets, mobile devices, and more. In this stage, the experts also take care of the format of your content. The format will be shaped in a way that the readers will get the most interactive experience while reading your ebook. The more users will explore and learn from your content, the more they will share the content further. Hence, you will see a boost in your overall revenue.

Distributes content

Approaching the right and potential audience through numerous platforms including most as well as lesser-known touchpoints. Making your content available for all types of users in multiple languages without losing the true essence of your content. Experts will also take care of the security of your content. They will enable the DRM and License Management for your content so that while digitally distributing your ebook all over the world, the copyright remains with you.

Helps you analyze, strategise, and grow

A book distributing and publishing company enables you to use its powerful analytics and insights to analyze the performance of your content in the current time. This helps you to measure how engaging and reader-friendly is your content. Based on the same, you can build strategies to improve and focus on the engagement of users. The experts help you to implement the strategies in the right manner and grow the number of readers.

Why Should You Invest In eBook Distribution Services?

As a publisher, you must want your ebooks to reach their potential readers and engage more sales. By outsourcing ebook distribution services, you will get assistance in the digital distribution of ebooks all over the world.

Without an understanding of how book distribution companies target the potential availability, you will not be convinced enough to invest in the services. So, here we will walk you through the upgraded and abundance services you will be benefited with:

  1. You will be securing yourself with access to all giant digital publishing platforms such as Apple iBookstore, Amazon Kindle, Google Play Books, Nook among others.
  1. Starting from the editing, formatting, converting from print book to ebook to improvising, your content will be prepared by the niche experts as per the several publishing platforms.
  1. Our experts are aware of the consequences of many books being rejected at very first sight. Hence, your content will be prepared based on strict adherence to the digital publisher?s guidance.
  1. Based on our client?s requirements, the content also gets translated into several languages with accurate adjustments and without losing the meaning of original sentences.
  1. Along with the well-known publishers, we focus on the lesser-known digital retail channels such as subscription websites/ applications and eCommerce stores. This increases the chances of them publishing your content.

Now, you know why you should go for ebook distribution services to be able to sell your ebooks through numerous platforms. Learn more about the book distribution and publishing services, here.

How Book Distribution Company Is A Great Help to Digital Publishers?

These days, eBooks are the foremost trend in the publishing industry, and due to the same, everyone?s attention has turned to the digital book distribution services companies. A professional digital publishing services company is a source of the latest trends and provides the most engaging content to the audience. Stay tuned to the following points and learn how you can uplift your publishing business with our services.

Effortless procedure to convert the print book to ebook

Typing out the entire print book or handwritten content is indeed a challenging task. You may make several spelling mistakes and at times, might lose the flow of the content while just focusing on typing and not writing. A digital book distribution company helps you convert your entire print book into a digital book with all accurate layouts and themes.

Exclusive and interactive reading experience

Even in the digital era, some people do not prefer reading digital copies of books as they don?t find the reading experience interactive enough. The experience of bringing the content closer to you, writing your notes against the content, turning the pages, and keeping on reading without feeling pain in the eyes is just not possible with eBooks, right? Perhaps, No! brings all these experiences to engage the reader with your content.

Re-edit after publishing as well

To perform well in the race of digital publishing industry in the long run, you will have to be up-to-date. You can change the format of your content from traditional to modern, the language from UK English to US English, or the design of the layout as well to make it more engaging even after publishing your content. Cloud-based digital publishing platforms enable publishers and authors to update/ make edits whenever they want.

Produce as per the user?s behavior

Check how many readers are reading your content, how many people have downloaded your eBook, and their reactions to track your performance. With the help of such analytics, you can improvise your content and produce your content as per the current interests of the users.

Cost-effective services

Most importantly, all these services are not costing you your entire arm. Get the abundance of digital book publishing and distributing services at affordable prices. Avoid spending too much money in busing a book conversion application, hiring an editor, and approaching a distributor rather just avail yourself of the best book distribution services and do it away.

So this is how you can convert print books to ebooks using the book distribution services. By the end of this article, you will know the advantages of hiring a digital book publishing company and how you can use their services to sell your ebook on a larger scale. Hope you learned that creating content with ebook publishing companies becomes so convenient and affordable. If you come across any doubt or queries, please drop a comment below and let us resolve it for you in no time.

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