Gojek Clone: Similar To Gojek, More Powerful And Advanced App

gojek clone app

The last ten years has seen an enormous blast in versatile application utilization from one side of the planet to the other. Measurements show that practically 1.4 billion cell phones with smart capabilities were sold in the year 2020 alone. As the quantity of gadgets keeps on growing a polar shift towards single applications that take care of numerous administrations like the Gojek Clone also developed.

Assuming the deals of advanced cell phones with smart capabilities are any sign, it is clear that the fame of mobile applications among organizations of all scales and sizes excessively rose. Well beyond the normal prerequisite of conveying labour and products, mobile applications have today transformed into a successful device to help the Return on Investment (ROI) of brands and organizations in more ways than one.


An on demand application is a web based versatile instrument that allows a client to request, recruit or book continuous services, which might incorporate taxi booking administrations, food delivery services, or booking arrangements for specialist service providers, for example, handymen, beautician, doctor, circuit repairmen, electrician, plumber and more to offer their types of assistance delivered at the client?s home.

This arrangement can either be given by a solitary organization that has on its finance all the specialist service providers, or resemble a commercial hub in a digital capacity where different specialist service providers can offer their services on. Regularly, this arrangement was applied to the purchase and sale of items, notwithstanding, with time; services themselves have turned into the top product in on demand applications like the Gojek Clone.


For the most part, when people hear the words clone, they automatically think of an exact replica of an existing item. While that may be true to some extent, when it comes to mobile applications, the concept of cloning is very different.

Since we are talking about the Gojek clone app, let us discuss this in detail. The primary Gojek application was started in Indonesia primarily as a system to avail bike taxis. However, with time it quickly grew into a multi service platform that facilitated deliveries and much more.

Taking cue from how popular the app grew and how quickly it was able to make money for the app owners, many entrepreneurs developed their own version of the Gojek app which came to be referred to as the Gojek clone app.

The interesting thing to note about such a cloned app is that the clone part only refers to the flow of the app. This is because people are used to a particular format of availing services using an on demand mobile based application.

The rest of it all was completely different. This means that the app development team had to work tirelessly in developing a whole new algorithm, write code structures and lines to include features that would help the business in question.

Since the Gojek clone app is a multi administrations or multi service platform, the app came to include many on demand services packed into a single download and single log in format. However, each business needs a different set up and has a different bouquet of requirements.

This is why; the most holistic kind of Gojek clone app would include as many as over 82 different types of services. These services could be taxi booking. Food delivery, grocery delivery. Parcel delivery, pharmaceutical items delivery, on demand service provider for hire and so on and so forth.

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The app is therefore constructed in such a way that app owners can decide how many services they wish to keep live on it. For example, an entrepreneur might wish to start small by offering just a few services and later expand to many other services. They can do so by using the admin panel or dashboard to hide services and to later unhide them or make them live. The other spectrum is of those entrepreneurs who wish to make it big and launch multiple services all at once in multiple countries.

This is why; choosing the right kind of Gojek clone app from the options available in the market is of extreme significance. It is always advisable to do a quick market study to identify the requirement of the market you plan to launch the app in and then pick one that suits your specific requirements.

Any reputed on demand white label mobile app company who sells Gojek clone apps as products should be able to set you up with the demo links of their ready made Gojek clone app so that you can test it out thoroughly before making any actual investment towards it.

You must, however, make sure that in addition to just getting the app, you also secure the source code of the app or the Gojek clone app script that is licensed to your domain name so that you can enjoy complete ownership of the same. It is also helpful if the company that builds your Gojek clone app launches the app for you on the Google Play store and the iOS app store so that you don?t have to worry about the app getting rejected owing to any technical reason.


There are many advantages of the on request applications like the Gojek Clone for business people. Here are a detail of our top choices.

  • User Activity Analytics
  • Customer Service Improvement through steady checking
  • Easy Access to Booking by means of Mobile application and site
  • Scalability
  • Revenue Reports
  • Brand Building means of online presence


In the event that you wish to become a part of the transformed on request industry, you should ensure that you have the right Gojek Clone application with you worked by a reputed organization that utilizes cutting edge innovation to fabricate your application and afterward white labels it for your utilization. A pre purchase analysis of the application ought to assist you with picking the right application without any problem.


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