4 Accent Stools to Boost Your Living Room Decor

    living room decor

    How many times have you visited someone’s home and thought, “this place looks familiar.” From the standard granite and stainless steel appliances in the kitchen, to the tried and true beige Pottery Barn sofa, our homes can easily turn into boring look-alikes devoid of any unique, differentiating design elements. While most of us are too timid to go for a drastic change (say, a tangerine accent wall or expensive art installation), there are small ways to imbue your home with character and style.

    Garden stools are a great way to set your interior apart and add intrigue. Available in an endless array of punchy, bright colors, garden stools have so many uses! Try placing one in the corner of a neutral room. The color and unique shape will draw the eye outward and make the space seem larger. Make sure to choose the color based on what is personally visually appealing to you and try to incorporate that same color in corresponding accent pillows and decorative throw blankets.

    Looking for simple decorative furniture to give a glamorous look to your living room? You can do it simply by adding some stools that can improve the way your home looks. This piece of furniture can create a lot of difference in home decoration. Not only in your living room, but they can also be used in other rooms to boost the overall style of your home. 

    Very useful in numerous ways, this furniture piece is the best option when you want to add to both the functionality and the overall aesthetics of your home. This piece of furniture is available in the market in varied designs, such as printed stools that are designed to boost your home decor and meet your needs.

    Let us take a look at different kinds of stools of amazing designs that you can use for decorating your living room.

    Mandy Stool

    This is a stylish and chic looking furniture piece that comes with soft velvety upholstery and a base made of high-gloss brass. If you are looking for decorative furniture to add to your modern living room, this can be a great option.  

    Moroccan Lace Stool

    Create a glamorous room accent and add that wow factor to your living room with this Moroccan lace stool. 

    This decorative furniture comes with a stunning and intricate pattern that can be used as a display stand, side table or a place to sit. Place a Moroccan lace stool in your living room and get a lot of appreciation from your family and friends for your choice and taste.

    ? Butterfly Wonder Stool

    A piece of butterfly wonder stool in your living room can be great statement furniture for your house. Made of crafted or glazed ceramic, this can create a unique decorative effect in your home.

    The vibrant colors of the butterflies will complement especially a lighter background. If you want to command the attention of your friends and other acquaintances, include a butterfly wonder stool in your living room.         

    ? Muffin Pouffe

    A piece of versatile furniture, a muffin pouffe can be an occasional seat. It can be used as a statement piece to enhance your living room decor or around a dining table. 

    Concluding Note

    ?A simple yet decorative piece of furniture that is also used for seating purposes,?printed stools?or any other stools are a great option when you are looking for a cost-effective and the easiest way to embellish your house with. Add this amazing furniture to your living room and you will be proud to display it to everyone.

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