How Do Academic Grade Effects Students?

A good student indeed is one who always shows good grades. Higher grades of a student reflect his/her goal achievement in school and college. Grades include standardized scores of class tests, final exam grades, and evaluation by the professor. The academic grade of students can be affected by different factors like parental background, learning skills, teacher quality, and the learning infrastructure of the students. 

Grades links with the academic success of the student because students need higher grades to tackle the technological and educational demands in the future. Grades also affect students’ lives, attitudes, health, and behaviors of students. Grades are also effects on student’s mental health.

Importance of academic performance in student lives

The academic grade is the measurement of the performance that a student achieves or loses across his academic subjects. Grades provide feedback to students on their performance in every individual subject. A student can increase his effort to improve himself after knowing the academic grade. Grades are very important in students’ lives as it reflects the students learning. Grades provide the chance to students to increase their efforts in the subjects in which they are lacking. Students focus on their grades in more healthy for them intellectually and emotionally. Grades are important to inform the parents about the performance of their children in studies. It is a private thing for students because students’ educational lives depend upon them.

Beneficial effects of grades on students’ lives

Class grades help students in self-improvement and self-grooming to some extent. Students get to know about their performances that enable them to fix their targets to work hard to attain the best scores. Grades affect the growth of students’ abilities and skills. It builds a strong competitive spirit to get succeed in the class. Grades make students more objective and motivated to improve their academic performances. 

Students focus more on Grades than Learning

To get good grades in exams, students select tasks that lower their capacity and don’t dare to be innovative or creative in their projects and assignments. Every grade counts towards the overall GPA of students. The educational institutes believe that the higher grades students are more intelligent and hardworking which is making students minimize their learning to just run for the grades. Some students can cheat in their exams because they know that their school values mark more than the learning of students. Students should also focus on their learning along with grades. Students focusing just on grades is detrimental as it distracts them from the learning process. Online education are also good for students during exams it can help in exam gaining knowledge from different type of websites   

Educational institutes should know that grades don’t define the intellectual abilities and hard work of students. It’s because grades only look impressive and attractive on paper but they don’t represent the intellectual abilities and brilliant minds of students. 

Grades Affect the Mental Health of Students

Grades can’t assess all skills and learning of a student because some skills of the students can’t be measured with some grading scales. It can also create inequality among the students. Grades can affect the behavior of students and also affects their mental health. Students who get good grades feel proud and divert their attention from their studies. 

The students with lower grades in the class feel inferior and it creates depression. Schools and colleges create a division among the students who get higher marks and lower marks in the grades. Grades develop attitudes of inferiority and superiority in the students. It raises mental health issues that affect students’ confidence, dependability, energy level, optimism, and hinder performance. Poor grades increase stress, depression, sleep difficulties, and anxiety.

Benefits of getting good grades in school life

Good grades of students also lead them to get scholarships in further educational institutes. Higher grades and involvement in extracurricular activities can help the students to get scholarships from schools and colleges. Students who get excellent grades can get more future opportunities to build a strong successful career. Good grades increase the confidence level of students and it also affects positivity on student’s social life. It encourages students to spend more time with brilliant friends of the class who care about their grades and their future. 

Grading scaling system in schools

Students who assign assignments on time and get maximum points can be awarded prizes. Scalded grading usually works the same as the traditional points grading system. The traditional grades announced in schools are A+, A, B, B+ up to F. A+ is the highest and F is the lowest grade. The scaling grades make new assignment values related to each other and the total value of quizzes and assignments in class. The results are universally recognized and standardized. The percentage grading system is easy to understand. The grading system is simple and it’s user-friendly for the teachers, students, parents, and admission committees to understand. Many students have issues with the grading system of schools because it doesn’t mark the strength and weaknesses of the students correctly. 

Current grades system effects on student’s performance

Our current academic grade system is important in schools and it is useful to help students improve their academic performances.  It is a fact that academic marks are good indicators of knowledge. If a student gets poor grades in the exam that means he is not understanding the concepts of the topics. Grades in schools make students comprehend every concept of each topic. It affects the performance of the student because fear of bad grade make the student do more hard work to get the highest grades. 

The academic grade is the requirement of every educational institute. It affects students to strengthen their skills and abilities by increasing their academic performance. Students feel confident in getting top positions in class that leads them to succeed and win in the future. It is true that grades encourage students to gain and learn more information and knowledge for enhancing and improving their academic performances. 

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