Top Questions Answered About Short Projection Toilet

A short projection toilet is a type of compact toilet that is specially designed to fit in compact and small places. Small bathrooms such as cloakrooms pose a unique lack of space where you have limited options. Therefore, manufacturers came up with the idea to create such toilets that can solve this problem. So, we are talking about such a space-saving type of toilet that will help you save the bathroom space.

How Is Short Projection Toilet Different?

The real difference between these toilets and the standard version is their size. The short projection means this less height as compared to other toilets. So, we can say it is a slimline version of the toilet. By making it’s a compact size, it saves few inches from a height that helps a lot in a compact space. There is no doubt that when you are short of space in the bathroom, you will try to save every inch so you can utilize the space for other purposes. That is what this toilet does; it is compact, slimline, and will take less space due to its size.

Is Short Projection Toilet Any Different in Functionality and Utility?

The second question that should come to our mind while installing a short projection toilet is that are these toilets are different in functionality and utility? The simple answer is no; these are not different from a standard toilet in terms of functionality and utility. These works in the same way. You will not find any difference in the mechanism of working. All the parts of the toilet are the same; from the toilet bowl to the cistern, everything works in the same way. You use the toilet in the same way without any difference. 

Is Short Projection Toilet Comfortable?

Many people believe that since the short projection type of toilet is compact size, these may not work in the same way or be not comfortable to use. The truth is the size does not make them less comfortable. While using this type of toilet, you will not feel any difference. So, there is no compromise on the comfort of the user. The designers have made sure that it offers the same benefits as a common standard-size toilet but in less size without compromising the utility, comfort, and functionality. 

Is There Any Different in Installation?

There is no apparent difference in their installation. Perhaps, these have the same structure, shape, and parts, so the installation will be no different. You will require the same things that you need for the standard toilet. Since this compact version is also available in different styles, there will be a difference in installation as we have in the normal size toilet. For example, if you buy Back to wall short projection toilet, then it will require you to install it with the wall or with the bathroom furniture. In case you have a wall-mounted type toilet, then it will require wall fixing. In both ways, the cistern will be hidden either in the furniture or in the wall.

Are There Different Types Available?

Yes, like a normal size version of the toilet, there are mainly two different types of short projection-type toilets available in the market. The first one is Back to a wall or BTW toilet that you can install with a wall concealing its concealed inside or furniture unit. The second type of wall-mounted type is already considered a space-saving design but also comes with further reduction in projection. Many manufacturers have now come up with short projection versions of close coupled toilets etc. But since their cistern is directly attached to the bowl, we can not put it in the category of a true space saver. 

Buy Short Projection Toilet from Royal Bathrooms UK

We have discussed all the frequently asked questions about the short projection toilet. It can be concluded that these are truly remarkable design version that offers a space-saving solution without compromising the functionality for the users. If you have a cloakroom or small bathroom, you can solve your space problem with this type of toilet. It can be a great choice for even large bathroom spaces. If you are in the market for such space-saving solution toilets, or bathroom furniture, or any other bathroom items, then visit the Royal bathrooms website for the best deals. 

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