All You Need to Know About Karkarot’s Capsule Corp!

Dragon Ball Z-ians, it is high time to shift from Goku Jacket to Capsule Corp Jacket because once again, your favorite franchise has made its way into your lives with innovation as a game — Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot. Dragon Ball Z has already released so many games, but this game tends to be the biggest one. This game has started impressing fans around the world with its captivating origin story and highly advanced graphics. If you are one of those who share the same love for anime and gaming, this game is the best thing. 

This game also features a famous company based in 712 — Capsule Corporation. This company is under Dr. Brief, and it has gotten its name from Hoi-Poi Capsules that Dr. Brief himself created. You will find a plethora of familiar faces from the Dragon Ball Z series in this game with this company. This game was released on January 17th, 2020. If you are planning on playing it now, here is what you need to know about this new release and the link of Capsule corp to this game.


Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot is different from all other games as it gives you a more spirited experience by seizing the true spirit of the Dragon Ball Z franchise. This is the third-person action game produced by CyberConnect2 and Bandai Namco Entertainment, who also developed Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm series are the developers of this series. This game immediately gained fame after getting released as around 2 million copies of this game were sold. This game will give you a buffering-free adventure experience by giving you the control of an iconic hero from the series — Son Goku. 

You will find so many Saiyans from the series to team up with and defeat the deadliest villains from the series. On exploring this game thoroughly, you will find many quests that are not easy to tackle, new powers and abilities to fight off. As the Son Goku, you will be able to enhance your Saiyan abilities. Another amazing aspect of this game is that it could become precisely the Dragon Ball Z fighter’s saga, including Buu Saga, Saiyan Saga, Cell Saga, and Frieza Saga’s average in-game finishing time. 


There are already two Dragon Ball Z inspired games; Dragon Ball FighterZ and Dragon Ball Xenoverse. Though, the immediate popularity and highest selling rate of Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot has proved that this game is different from both previously released games, and that too in a good way. This game is more about the characters, story, and an open world. This game also offers you so many regions that originated directly from the Dragon Ball Z world. You’ll have to explore a whole new world of enemies, and you will also have some precious items to collect to move the story forward.

You’ll meet so many main characters from the Dragon Ball Z franchise who will help you complete your quests while you have to solve mysteries for unlocking the character’s backstories and uncovering their secrets. Do you know what else makes this game the best? It also gives you some time to complete your fun activities like hunting for online food delivery, baseball practicing, driving, fishing, and preparing food. This game is everything you need to kill your time. 


Capsule Corp has a greater part in this game than all other games. Capsule Corporation emerged in West City situated on the west side of the earth. You cannot enter all the game structures except a few, and Capsule Corp is among those buildings that allow entrance. You can go to this building in two ways, either via World Map or through West City. While you are playing in Ki Sense view or the First-person action view, you will witness so many billboards with Hoi-Poi Capsule’s advertisements along the roads in cities, since the game has an English language mode, so you can easily read them.

The relation of Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot with Capsule Corp. doesn’t end here. You will find so many products from Capsule Corporation in this game; vehicles, homes, spaceships, food stores, instruments for cooking, planes, and many more. Even if you want to eat eggs, you can find them in Capsule Corporation’s atrium, and this is where they keep their chickens; hence, you can collect eggs from there to eat and do whatever you want with them. Not just this, Capsule Corp is a major part of substories too. 

There is a sub-story named ‘Foreboding Fear.’ This story is about Bulma, whose father Dr. Brief, operates Capsule Corporation. The story told us about how Bulma wanted to examine the disaster of a Spaceship that was Raditz’s property at the landing site of Raditz after Vegeta was turned down. To carry on this task, Bulma sent some staff members from Capsule Corporation, and he also gave Gohan a task to recheck everything, just in case they have lost some points. Gohan met Dr. Brief at the location, which was there to check everything by himself. While looking over the scene, Gohan finds a chip, and then he decodes the audio from the chip with Bulma.  

Not just this story, you will find many other stories related to Capsule Corp that indicates that this game doesn’t only have a glimpse of Capsule Corp. Still, it is based on Capsule Corp., which is why Capsule Corp Jacket is one of the main costumes from the game, and you’ll find them in the game after completing some side quests. This game is one of the greatest creations inspired by the Dragon Ball franchise, and if you want a game that is low-key violent, but has good background stories, then Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot is for you.

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