Why People are Excited about 2022 GMC Canyon?

The number of pickups in the market has increased significantly. However, one of the pickups which stands apart and always makes people excited is the Canyon. Even the new 2022 GMC Canyon has made people excited due to its specifications and performance it can provide. Before buying it from a GMC dealership near Salinas, take a look at this vehicle minutely.

Trims, prices, and powertrain 

The 2022 Canyon comes in four different versions starting with Elevation Standard, which costs $27,995. Next in the lineup is Elevation costing $31,495; the last two are AT4 and Denali variants, which GMC priced at $39,595 and $42,395 respectively. 

The powertrains that are available for this vehicle consist of a four-cylinder 2.5L. However, the one you want for your Canyon is a V6 3.6L engine paired with automatic 8-speed transmission. This engine comes with a cylinder deactivation feature that aids in preserving fuel and tests showed that it is one of the quickest among mid-size pickup truck category. 

Apart from these two options, a diesel version is also available, which is slower but offers better fuel economy along with a higher towing capability. 

The 2022 Canyon offers an ideal balance between firm and soft damping that makes it offer a great riding quality. This pickup truck can soak up road imperfections easily making every journey quite satisfying to all.

If people are looking for off-roading trucks, then its AT4 model will serve this purpose best. The upgraded suspension of this vehicle elevates the swiftness even on harsh trails and more. 

On highway, this truck is relaxed and stable and in towns or cities, this vehicle’s agility and small dimension need less attention in tight spaces and congested areas. Also, its firm brake system offers responsive feedback giving the driver confidence when driving this pickup. 

The cargo bed can carry a payload of 1599 pounds and can tow 3500 lbs if the Canyon is equipped with a four-cylinder engine. The diesel variant can tow 7700 pounds along with a payload capacity of 1605 lbs. 

A pickup of this capability and such a reasonable price is hard to come by nowadays. Such remarkable performance and at such affordable pricing make people excited about 2022 GMC Canyon. If you want to know about best deals or other details reach Salinas GMC dealer in a haste. 

Cabin and infotainment 

The cabin is quite large enough for people to sit comfortably with enough space for leg stretching. Practical and ample functionality is how one can describe the design of Canyon’s cabin. Also, the cabin is made to appear sophisticated that fetches attention of anyone who takes a look. 

Standard features include Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, mobile hotspot, wireless charging feature, Bose speakers, etc. 

You can understand now why people are so much interested in the 2022 GMC Canyon. If you are looking to buy a pickup then you should at least check out this truck. From having a cool design to ample ability to tow and perform on road, this is nothing short of a beast in mid-size pickup category. 

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