Everything About Express Entry Points and CRS Calculator

Believe it or not, Canada is thriving in this economic condition, while most of the world is trying to cope up with the side effect of the corona pandemic. But how is Canada managing the pandemic situation as well as economic conditions?�

In this critical time when all the immigrants are sent back to their native land due to travel restrictions in the world, Canada is inducting immigrants into their country with a unique system, also known as the Express Entry System. Now, what is the Express Entry point system? And how CRS calculator is associated with it? To know all details, you have to go through the article. 

What is Canada Express Entry Point? 

An Express Entry point system offers a unique way to get permanent citizenship in Canada, especially for skilled immigrant workers. One of the challenges faced by Canada is the declining workforce, due to which it is always hunting for skilled immigrant workers. According to the record, in 2021, around 40,000+ immigrants were invited as target workers. If you want to start your career in Canada, then the best possible way to obtain a Canada PR visa is via Express Entry. The process takes around 6 to 8 months to complete. 

The Express Entry System of Canada is managed by the IRCC (Immigrants, Refugee, Citizenship, Canada). IRCC is working under the guidance of:

  • Federal Skilled Worker program
  • Provincial Nominee Program
  • Federal Trade Worker Program
  • Canada Experience Class.

Working of the Express Entry System 

Generally, Express Entry preparation needs to be done before migrating to Canada permanently. Developing a profile is the first stage. This profile will include the age, language proficiency, welfare, work experience, and capability to settle in a country like Canada. After completing profile creation, you have to develop a CRS scoreboard or Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS Scoreboard). The score will be counted on the parameter that is mentioned above. Based on the score, the IRCC will grant PR in Canada.

Stages that you will come across while applying for the Express Entry System:

Stage 1: Application Form 

The application form is the primary stage of the Express Entry System. You have to fill up the application form where you have to answer any questions. The answer will justify the reason why you want to migrate permanently. You have to fill in all your details. If you provide any wrong information, you may have to leave your dream behind.

Stage 2: Pool 

After completing your application, you have to move to the next stage, known as pool. The pool is a group where the name of the aspiring immigrants is enumerated. Your name will only be listed if you have filled in your information correctly in the form. 

Once you are on the list of pool immigrants, you will have around 60 days to organise your documents and also enhance the score of the Application form so that you don�t have to face any hassle while applying for permanent residency.

Stage 3: Ranking 

This is a crucial stage. The immigrants are provided with some parameters. In this parameter, they need to score a good mark. Your good score can help you to get a permanent visa quickly. You can use Canada CRS Calculator to maximise the score and boost your profile.�

Stage 4: Selection and Invitation.

This is the stage which you are aiming for. The selection round is also known as the Draw System. The profile that has obtained a good score is selected and gets the invitation to apply for permanent residency in Canada.

What is a Canada CRS calculator?

To get selected in the Express Entry System, you have to make your profile score a good mark in different parameters. The score of your profile will be calculated under the Comprehensive Ranking System. The CRS is a score-based process that accesses all the solutions and ranks the profile in Stage 3 pool.   

You can utilise the tool on the following terms:

  • You can use the tool if you are eligible for the Express entry program. 
  • You can use the tool to evaluate how much your profile will obtain if you fill up the Express Entry System in the future. 
  • You can use the tool if you have already passed all the stages and see whether your profile information can impact your CRS score. 

The Final Thoughts

If you want to live in Canada permanently, you have to take the fastest pathway – The Express Entry System. To get a hassle-free invitation, you have to make your profile score a good mark. If you are not sure about your score, use the CRS calculator that will help you to evaluate your status. You can then easily change the setting so that your application and profile rank in a good position.

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