About chemotherapy Wigs For Cancer Patients

Hair loss happens because chemotherapy affected all cells in the body, not just cancer cells.

The lining of the mouth, stomach, and hair falls are especially sensitive because those cells multiply rapidly, just like cancer cells.

The difference is the normal cells will repair themselves, making these side effects temporary.

Chemotherapy may be described as the treatment of cancer with different drugs & chemicals too.

It can be a majority of patients undergoing chemotherapy suffering from hair loss.

The reasons are hair follicle cells grow quite fast, & the drugs used for chemotherapy attack any cell growing and attack healthy hair. However, not all chemotherapy medications cause hair loss.

We should consult with our doctor about the type of treatment recommended for us and what it has side effects like to be.

Whether or not we lose our hair depends in part on the specific medications & dose administer.

Women/men should consider visiting a wig salon before they begin losing their hair so that the specialists may become familiar with her present hairstyle and color.

Some wig salons specialized in hair loss from chemotherapy and can offer women or men specific advice. Wig specialists may also wish to measure the woman’s or men’s size to make sure an average wig will fit. Custom wigs sometimes take several weeks to have made.

Wigs for cancer patients are a big business. These wigs are made slightly different than wigs you might see at the hairdresser or beauty sales shop.

Another reason we may think about wigs for cancer patients if we might be diagnosed with a form of cancer & may be looking to have chemotherapy ourselves. So it is perhaps time to give some thought to the subject of wigs for cancer patients.

It seems that a lot of women love their hair. They seem to think it defines them or makes them look pretty. Or that phrase Oh, you have such healthy hair makes them feel lots of healthy hair means a healthy body.

human hair wigs

The main thing to remember when we are with our friends or family member losing their hair is to keep cheerful and positive. It helps no one also to be depressed. If we are depressed, then perhaps we should wait until another day to visit. The same is true if we are facing chemotherapy. Keep a positive attitude. Think positively.

Not only do human chemotherapy wigs look good, but they help people going through very difficult times. The ensuring the person undergoing treatments can live as actively as possible, look great, & feel more confident wearing their human hair wigs.

Types of Wigs


Many hairpieces these days are synthetic. It is because synthetic rugs are lightweight, realistic looking, and many choices are available. Synthetic wigs are less costly than human hair and far more durable. Because they are less expensive, it is possible to buy several synthetic wigs and change looks in this manner

. Synthetic hairpieces are sensitive too and should certainly be keep away from all types of heat. It is possible to wash a synthetic wig, but be sure to use specially designed products to clean synthetic wigs. Styling of synthetic wigs will most likely ruin the wig and is not recommend.

Human Hair

It is quite possible, although more costly, to obtain hairpieces made from real hair. The wigs may be a style to suit the wearer. Human hair wigs were brushed, washed with special shampoos, and cared for like regular hair. Human hair wig appears completely natural for obvious reasons. They are real hair, and they feel very authentic. Many wig wearers do prefer real hair because of the believability aspect.

Children especially don’t want to stand out, and there is often no tolerance for the un-usual in elementary school�wig like others in their schools or day camps, etc. In anyone’s case, as he/she battles the horrors of chemotherapy, believe it or not, chemotherapy wigs can be a primary concern, the purpose of finding chemotherapy wigs, not for yourself but chemotherapy patients, are truly warming someone’s heart. Whether we know the patient or not, the gift of a wig can make the very best gift for him or her.

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