8 Unusual Things You Can Do in Toronto, Canada

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    There is no limit to tourist attractions in Toronto, Canada. The incredible CN Tower to majestic Toronto historical attractions like Royal Ontario Museum, Art Gallery, etc. However, there are more than just sight-seeing activities in Toronto. There are some unique and unusual things that you can try in Toronto. When you plan to book flights to Toronto, add some extra days to your itinerary to try out these suggestions.?

    Visit The Bata Shoe Museum

    ?The Bata Shoe Museum of Toronto is the world’s most extensive collection of shoes and footwear research centres. It is shaped like an open shoe, and the museum is named Mrs. Bata’s Labour of Love. It is home to more than 12,000 shoes that Mrs. Batra collects from her travel plans all over the world.

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    It includes shoes from the ancient Roman, Greek and Egyptian civilizations and many unique North American footwear items. Whether you are a shoe lover or not but Bata Shoe Museum is a must-visit place in Toronto.

     Read Book at Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library

    ?For all the bibliophiles who have booked their New Delhi to Toronto flight tickets, Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library is the most unusual and favourite past-time for you. It houses the rarest book collections from the University of Toronto and is the largest of its own kind in the whole of Canada.

    It houses more than 700,000 books and has a very modern setting and decor. The library collection ranges from original drafts to printed works to books that the public can access.?

     See The Half House

    ?This is the most unique and unusual place in Toronto. This “blink and miss” house is situated on 54 1/2 St. Patrick Street in Toronto and is an extraordinary sight. Just like its name, the house is only one-half of a complete home and is the ultimate result of a bizarre demolition plan.

    The owners’ refusal to sell the house to the landholdings company has led the house to remain just like it is. The house is almost about a century old but is still standing strong and firm. After visiting this half house, you will be surprised to see its structure.?

    Take A Trip of Necropolis Cemetery

    ?Also known as ” The Toronto Necropolis,” this cemetery is a hauntingly beautiful place to visit in Toronto. You might wonder how something which is haunted can be beautiful. But the Necropolis Cemetery is the resting place for many Torontonians, tourists, and soldiers from World War I and II.

    Its wide-open green spaces offer a perfect place and environment to enjoy a stroll around alone or with someone special. In fact, many locals and tourists visit this cemetery for a picnic or to spend some quiet time catching up with friends or family at this scenic and quiet place.

    Walk Through The Bamboo Forest Within Donnelly Centre

    ?Located amidst the Terrence Donnelly Centre for Cellular and Bimolecular Research is a very beautiful and stunning bamboo forest. The bamboo garden is open to students and for the general public too. If you want to experience something unique after booking your New Delhi to Toronto flight, then this is the first place to head.

    It is surrounded by tall bamboo plants where you can spend some quiet time on the wooden benches. The bamboo forest gives the visitors an escape from the daily grind of the city hustle-bustle. This green space is ideally located in a sleek building that gives you a breath of fresh air in Toronto’s concrete jungle area.

    Enjoy Going to A Cuddle Party

    ?This might sound strange to many people, but here we are to let you suggest the best unusual things to try in Toronto. Attending a cuddle party in Toronto is one of the unique experiences. It is meant to create a safe and playful space for adults to understand the boundaries, nuances of communication, and affection with a non-sexual human touch.

    Cuddle parties are organized by the cuddle party facilitators, which is a certified non-profit organization. Anyone can join a cuddle party to meet new people, enjoy a happy and good time with good conversations.?

    Get Your All Stress & Anger-Out at The Rage Room

    ?After a tiring day exploring the places or after a hectic week at work, you can blow off all your frustration and stress at The Rage Room in Toronto. You can smash the inanimate objects to bits and pieces with the weapon of your own choice.

    With full protective gear and music to match your rage mood, you can release all your stress and aggression in a fully air-conditioned rage room. In addition to this, they also provide a copy of your rage video along with free WIFI access. So whether you just want to distress yourself or want to smash some objects for fun, Rage Room is there at your service.?

     Enjoy Indie Film At TIFF Bell Light box

     If you are a movie lover, it might not be an unusual thing for you, but there’s no harm in trying, even if you are not. Behind the World Famous Film Festival venue, you will locate TIFF Bell Lightbox, which also screens movies throughout the year for the general public. The films are of Indie variety of languages and from different countries all over the world. TIFF Bell Lightbox houses a world-class sound system and stadium-style seat, which adds to the movie experience. This place is an ideal choice of activity for yourself with your gang of friends.

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