8 Reasons to Move to Orange County

Are you planning to move to sunny California? If you want to live within the state, there are a few amazing destinations you should consider. Orange County (OC), for instance, is full of wonderful weather and beautiful sceneries. Here are some of the best reasons you should move to Orange County. Note that there are more than 100 reasons to live in Orange County. We have mentioned a few of them in this guide.

Best Oranges in the US

This might sound like a joke, but Orange County honors its name in every sense of the word. In this place, you will find some of the most delicious oranges in the US. Throughout some neighborhoods, you will find dazzling lines of orange trees. When you get there, be sure to pick some oranges and use them to make orange juice each morning.

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Gorgeous Beaches

There is something unique about California beaches. If you are soon moving to Orange County, you will enjoy having fun along the beaches. In OC, you will encounter different vibe at each beach. Once you move to OC, you should go see Laguna Beach, Huntington Beach, and Newport Beach. These are some of the best beaches you will find in Orange County, especially if you have amazing social skills.

Best for Animal Lovers

If you are an animal lover, OC has its zoo, and it is called the Orange County Zoo. Despite being a small one, you will enjoy watching mountain lions, black bears, and bald eagles. Before you leave, be sure to ask for a brief audio tour through your phone. Also, at the zoo, you will enjoy lots of fun events during Halloween. The events are perfect for adults and children alike.

The Best Destination For Filmmakers

Once you get there, you will spot cameras on the streets and filmmakers doing their thing. OC is famous for its temperature weather, which is why big television and movie productions happen there. Have you ever watched movies like ‘That Thing You Do?’ those movies were made in OC. Therefore, you should move to OC if you would like to interact with some movie stars.

Disneyland is Located in OC

Disneyland, the happiest location on Earth, is located in Anaheim, in Orange County, and your kids would be happy to live here. You and your little angels will be the luckiest people to share the same neighborhood as Disneyland. If you live in this OC, getting Disneyland tickets can be the cheapest thing will ever do. Therefore, go ahead and grab this opportunity by moving to OC.

Great Houses Are Available

In OC, you can get the most affordable apartment in Santa Ana, CA. The area is very popular, so real estate in that place is coveted. Despite being one of the best places to live in the US, you won’t break the bank to move your property there. If you already live there, you can move within the area easily thanks to services that can buy houses very fast.

Interesting History

It is accurate to state that OC has an interesting history. In entire California, OC has the highest number of historical sites. You can move around as see some of them on weekends when away from work. OC is the perfect place to live if you have a genuine interest in history. In Orange County, there is a place known as the Historic District.

Excellent Education System

Students love OC due to its amazing education system. Chapman University is located in OC and is one of the best business, law, film, and Arts colleges in the Western side of the United States. Most students take their time to stroll around the city between classes. Whether you are a student or an employee in OC, you will experience amazing facilities in a safe environment. If you are looking to study in OC, you won’t be disappointed when looking for a college to enroll in.

Closing Thoughts

Orange County is one of the best places to live in the US. This review covered a few of the reasons you should make it a priority when looking to relocate. Besides having great colleges, it is full of historical sites that will keep you attracted and entertained.

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