8 reasons not to get a tattoo


Every day, we inevitably meet someone who explains to us why tattooing, “it’s not really his thing?… 

Indeed, as soon as we have one or more tattoos a little visible, it always happens in a conversation that we are asked to explain the meaning of these. At the end of which, our interlocutor feels obliged to justify why he or she has never tattooed himself or why he or she is fiercely against tattoos. 


This article is an apology for NON-TATTOO and carries the 8 commandments of doctrine.

Next time, if like us, you are confronted with an anti-tattoo artist (do not search, this word does not exist in Le Petit Robert? nor in Le Grand!), you can send this article back to him: your relationship does not end. Will only be better!

1. Certain of your choice, you are not

“I want to get a tattoo, but I don’t know what”. Yes, well no, if you do not have the slightest idea of ??what you want to represent in your tattoo, it is for sure that it is better to avoid starting a business that will last a lifetime. 

Let it be clear, maybe you like the work of a particular tattoo artist, or you want to mark an idea or a thought without knowing how to represent it? Well in this case, take the time to interact with the tattoo artists you meet, they will certainly guide you! 

2. Fear of regretting, you have

“At 20, it looks good, but I’m not sure you’re very proud of your tattoo at 80”,  only way to answer this question is to  80 years old and have a tattoo! 

Who can say if we don’t regret the piercings we have (and that 80% of women in France wear on their ears) later in life? Nobody? well it’s the same with tattoos! 

If the tattoo has been carefully thought out, there is no reason to regret it? And maybe if in the end: it’s up to you to measure this risk and move on if it turns out to be too high! 

But don’t spend 20 years of your life ?being afraid of? regretting, getting bored or aging badly.

3. Fear of the judgment of others, you have

“I work in an environment where I will not  accepted because of  tattoos.” 

Indeed, if you are afraid of being judged or frowned upon by others, especially your colleagues, do not tattoo yourself. Besides, we advise you not to do much because others will always have things to say to your account. ?

Otherwise did you know that Winston Churchill, King Edward V and his children, Frederik of Denmark and Justin Trudeau all went through the needles of a tattoo artist … but hey, they only had countries to rule after all! ?

4. Found your tattoo artist, you haven’t

Oh no! You don’t go into any tattoo parlor to rush into one and you don’t offer your skin to a bad tattoo artist on the pretext that it costs less!

But there are several ways to find your tattoo artist: You can absolutely go into a salon and chat with the artists on site if they are available, you can also go to their Instagram or Facebook pages to understand their universe and their styles.?Otherwise we can do it all in one place like on a SEO site? no, you still can’t see it??Come on, let’s tease you: take a look at our references of tattoo artists, you may find your happiness there when you see tattoo consultation price as well!

5. With a beach vacation, you go on

“I would like  show off my beautiful tattoos at  beach … in a week”

Uh? This is a real ANTI-tattoo argument!

We do not expose a fresh wound or recently attacked skin to the sun, you risk not only damaging your tattoo but also your skin by burning. A tattoo protects you from the sun and it hydrates!

And above all, swimming is the best way to get sepsis so NO NO NO: never get a tattoo in these conditions!!

6. Prove something, you want

A tattoo is not for others, it is for you! Moreover, this is valid for all the choices and all the decisions that you will have to make in your life. 

Be sure of who you are, respect and love yourself enough that you don’t try to prove to others that you are not. A tattoo is not to be ?badass? and it is not to be anti-system, it is a story that one carries on oneself and that one wishes to affirm or externalize. ?   

You are a unique person, we wish you to be proud of your individuality and never let others make you doubt it. We repeat: a tattoo is not for others, it is for you!

7. That it’s just a fad, you think

You break our heart because if you are asking yourself this question, it is because you have not read any of the articles that we wrote on the Polynesian tattoo or the Berber tattoo. 

Even more, there is evidence of tattoos found on a mummy dating from ancient Egypt (over 2000 BC) and on a Neolithic man discovered in the Italian Alps in 1991 (5300 BC). Is 7000 years long enough to stop talking about fashion?

The tattoo is a component of our civilization and is part of our common heritage, whether we accept it or not!

8. Bad spelling, you are

This last commandment is probably the most important on this list. 

Obviously we all know the song of The Offspring “Pretty Fly”, especially this part:

Now he’s getting a tattoo
He?s gettin ‘ink done
He asked for a’ 13 ‘, but they drew a’31’

Translation (And now he’s getting a tattoo, his tattoo is done, he asked for “13” but they drew “31”)

Conclusion, if you do not know how to write, do not reread yourself under any circumstances, have very poor eyesight and cannot count on anyone to correct you, do not get a sentence tattooed, unless your name is Jean Michel Basquiat.

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