8 Packing Tips for Your Easy House Relocation

Whenever you plan to move, one of the tasks which require most of the time and patience is packing all your personal belongings and finishing them on time before the house packing services arrive. To begin with, we have created some tips for packing up for your house relocation, so that you don’t feel overwhelmed about the things you need to get done with.

1. Use Appropriate Size of Boxes

When you are going to pack any heavy items for house relocation, make sure to use small boxes for that. Especially for the books, keep the heaviest book in the bottom and later stack it up with smaller ones. Things can likely break in the bigger boxes because it is difficult to handle heavy objects in them. Other light items like beddings and linens, should be packed in bigger boxes.

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2. Utilize Your Linens

Packing breakable and fragile items is a difficult task. To avoid any breakage of glasses or home decors, wrap them in socks for secured padding. While packing if gaps or space is left in the box, it should be filled with clothing, towels, or packing paper.

This tip will eventually keep the items stable on the place and safer also. Moreover, movers from house packing services often won’t move boxes that they feel are loosely packed or not balancing accordingly. Even vases and lamps can be packed with linens to protect them. Kitchen knives or another sharp objects should be wrapped with kitchen or dish towels.

3. Use Kitchen Pots for Storage

Rather than spending money on additional boxes for storing small kitchen items like spices and cutlery, use kitchen items like pots and sealable containers. With this tip, you can save a lot of space and money spending on packing materials and make your house relocation comfortable.

4. Packing of Electronics

Every house has a huge list of electronic gadgets and moving them is also very critical. If you have original boxes of the equipment which you own, use them in packing. Otherwise, special wooden crates are required to pack the electric equipment. If you are not using house packing services for packing gadgets, then you need to double pack your box, after wrapping the equipment with packing paper just like they do.

5. Tape Out the Box Properly

Tapping the boxes is one of the significant steps of the packing process because it closes the bottom and top seams properly. The trick you need to learn from the movers is that they wrap the box twice or thrice round the box’s top and bottom edges, where the stress of the items is concentrated.

6. Labelling the Boxes Accordingly

To avoid any confusion about packing, it is advised to pack the items in the same room and label it properly with the name of the things that the box consists of. This will be very easy for you and your movers from house packing services to understand where each box belongs in the new place.

Color coding according to the room and numbering each box with an inventory list is a perfect way to keep the track of what is packed and easy to identify what needs to go where.

7. Get Wardrobe Packed

Leave your clothes on the hangers, either collect them together and pack in the wardrobe box or put them along with the hangers in the port-a-robe. Many clothes like party wear and formal dresses need special care in packing. These can be packed in the port-a-robe to secure them from damage.

8. Use Plastic Wrap to Secure Spilling

You might need to pack some liquid-based things and there is always a threat of it spilling. It can be prevented by covering with plastic wrap to secure the lids of shampoo, soaps, or other toiletries you don’t want to ruin in the transit.

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