8 Gothic Subculture Festivals You Must Be Aware Of

A Goth culture is a group of element who has adopted black as their fashion colour and rock music. The trend started in England and slowly spreads around the world. The gothic subculture has associated taste in music, aesthetics and fashion. 

A Brief Description about major 8 Goth subculture festivals:

Wave Gotik -Treffen– More than 150 artist and bands from different of the country gather to enjoy the celebration of 4 days. The highlights of the festival include club parties, fashion clothing such as gothic skirt, fringe events, cultural exhibitions and performances.

Whitby Goth weekend– This festival starts on Friday and ends on Sunday. It happens two times in a year and is an alternative music festival held in Whitby. The event consists of two nights of live bands and three days of alternative trade stall.

Convergence: This event typically includes art shows, fashion, panel, club nights and bazaars.

Infest: It is a function of three days. It is a musical festival held in the United Kingdom featuring electronic music art. This usually happens in August. 

Bats Day In The fun park: This is an annual three day weekend which usually takes place in the United States. The events consist of market where vendor sell spooky items, Ghoulish Gala which is a cocktail party, sit down dinner, and a park festival which includes live concerts and music events.

M’era Luna Festival: A music festival that encompasses several different styles. This festival held in every second week of August and is the biggest dark music events.

Lumous Gothic Festival: This Goth festival is a four-day event usually organised in summer and primarily focuses on music. Ti covers all the music genera of gothic culture. 

Vampire 5k: This features burlesque and cabaret performance where black-shirt with gothic cape wearing vampires meet with white-shirt-wearing civilians. A civilian turn’s vamp after being tagged twice by Vamp.

In the Infographic below you will find the detailed information about gothic culture and festival

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