8 Free Blogging Sites to Earn Money in 2022

Whether you realize it or not, blogging is a terrific way to make money online. Most free blogging sites make it simple to establish a blog and share what you’ve learned over time without having to pay for hosting. Individuals with minimal prior understanding of web technology might use ready-made templates. However, if you choose free blogging sites, you will not have total control over your blogs.

Unsure about how to start your own blog? Begin a blog now with professional web design services and step-by-step directions on how to begin a blog. The top free blogging sites are listed here.

Eight Free Blogging Sites to Earn Money


WordPress.com and WordPress.org are two different websites. What exactly is the distinction between the two? WordPress.com is a hosted service that allows you to use the WordPress content management platform to construct a website or blog. You do not need your own web hosting to use WordPress.com. WordPress is responsible for all of your hosting requirements. You can start your website or blog in five minutes because WordPress is already set up for you.

professional web design services

Paid plans include more functionality and features, such as a personalized domain name.

WordPress.org allows you to create your own blog or website. WordPress.org is the website where you may download and install the free WordPress software on your own web server.

WordPress may be downloaded without going to WordPress.org. Choosing a hosting company like Bluehost is a better and easier option (which I recommend). When you join up with Bluehost, you’ll be able to use the service to install WordPress right away. It normally takes only a few clicks to get started. You may begin for as little as $2.95 per month.


Wix is the way to go if you’re in a rush to get your blog up and running but lack fundamental web design skills. Wix’s drag-and-drop software has a low learning curve and allows you to create beautiful websites rapidly. This is the solution for you if you’re seeking pre-built templates and a simple user interface.

When you’re working on a tight budget, there’s nothing wrong with choosing a free web hosting service that comes fully loaded with everything you need to run your website. But if you’re only looking for online storage and bandwidth, then the free version of Wix might not be what you’re looking for.

Because of its vast feature set, Wix is a good choice for developing a functioning website on a small budget. For a little price, you may add an online store or email marketing to your website.


If you are looking for a free, easy way to get started blogging, then Blogger.com has all you need, and then some. Blogger makes blogging as easy as can be, which is not something you can say about WordPress if you’re a newcomer. Blogger boasts an impressive range of themes, most of which include mobile elements that will make the blog highly accessible on smartphones and tablets. The options are nearly endless.

Create an account to begin utilizing the service right now. You may, however, modify the appearance of your blog by selecting a theme. The user interface of the platform is similar to that of other Google-owned services.

Because Google runs and regulates both Blogger and AdSense, getting AdSense clearance is significantly faster when using Blogger.

Blogger is a great place to start because it’s free. If you want to test blogging first and then build a website, it’s simple to transfer your previous blog content to your new site.


Medium, founded in 2012 by former Twitter co-founder Evan Williams, has grown into a behemoth in a short period of time. You may publish articles on Medium.com and share them with other community members or the wider public. Because Medium is completely free to use, you can begin sharing your blog pieces right away.

The benefit of this free blogging site on Medium is that it may reach a far wider audience than your traditional blog. The downside of this free blogging site is that users are unable to customize the appearance and style of their website.


Weebly’s website builder makes it easy to create a website without ever having to write code. It features drag-and-drop functionality, personalized domain names, and an ecommerce platform. If you want to create a professional site but don’t want to deal with complex procedures, Weebly is the right choice.

You may publish your content on a Weebly subdomain or on your own custom domain. You may host your own domain for free if you use Weebly; this is a feature that you won’t find on any other free blogging site. Weebly also provides an analytics tool that will tell you how many people have visited your site.


Ghost is a free and open-source website builder and publishing platform. It is one of the best free blogging services since it provides users with easy tools for producing and spreading their content, making it one of the most widely used free blogging sites. Ghost is a great CMS for people who only want to submit their blogs or articles and don’t want to fiddle with the code.


Tumblr is the most inspiring-looking and agile publishing platform. Many amazing free and premium themes are available in Tumbler’s official repository, so your blog can be as distinctive as you desire. It makes it a wonderful website for many non-tech-savvy bloggers.

The social networking aspects of Tumblr set it apart from its competitors. Users may quickly like, reply, and weblog your material on Tumblr and other social networking sites using the interface.


Squarespace is an easy-to-use, advanced template-driven website builder. Squarespace offers about everything you might want in a website builder: building tools, multiple pre-made templates, domain names and hosting options, e-commerce stores, analytics tools, SEO features, and newsletter tools.

To get you started, Squarespace offers over a hundred distinct site layouts. One of the most significant advantages of adopting them is that they are mobile-friendly straight out of the box. Furthermore, all Squarespace plans have unlimited storage. With Squarespace, you won’t have to worry about going over your storage or bandwidth limits.

To be honest, one of my favorite aspects of Squarespace is the email marketing tool. It’s an add-on that lets you produce stunning emails with beautiful layouts without having to use a third-party application.

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