7 Useful Auto Services You May Need

Buying a used car can help you save a lot of money compared to buying something new. However, you’ll need to make sure it’s in good shape once you’ve got it. Used cars tend to be pretty good deals, but they might need a little work. Here are a few auto services that could be worthwhile.

1. Rotate the Tires

When you buy a car online in Canada, you might not get to test drive it. So, it can be tough to know how good its tires are. As such, you should definitely get the tires rotated. Rotating your tires helps them last longer. Most of the time, a car’s front tires wear out a little faster than the ones in the rear. Switching them from the front to the back could prolong their lifespans, though.

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2. Refill the Transmission Fluid

Most modern cars use something called a CVT. These are a type of transmission system. Usually, they’ll last a lot longer than older types of transmissions. But, you’ve still got to check on their fluid levels every once in a while. If they’re running low, then you should top them up. That way, they’ll stay in good shape for as long as possible.

3. Replace the Alternator

Your alternator is what keeps your battery charged. They’ll usually last for about 10 years before they go bad. If you’ve got an older car, you should test the alternator to see if it’s in good shape. Bad alternators won’t supply enough juice to keep your battery charged. And, you won’t be able to drive for long as a result. Replacing them doesn’t cost too much, and it’ll be great for your car.

4. Test Your Battery

While you’re replacing the alternator, you might want to test your battery as well. Batteries have something called a cycle life. That’s the number of times they can charge without breaking. At some point, all batteries go bad. If yours is a little old, it might need a replacement. You could even do this yourself if you’ve got the tools. Testing the battery just requires a voltmeter. If there’s fewer than 12 V, then your battery should be replaced soon.

5. Check the Brake Pads

Don’t risk driving on bad breaks. Simply take them to a mechanic to have them inspected. Most vehicles need to replace their brake pads after 70,000 KM. A lot of them can go longer than that, but you should still have them checked.

Bad pads could wear out your rotors. Then, you’d have to replace them, too. Rotor replacements tend to cost a lot more than just getting new brake pads. So, getting new pads could actually save you a lot of money in the end.

6. Clean Out the Fuel Lines

Over time, gunk builds up inside of your vehicle’s fuel lines. Not all of your fuel combusts cleanly. As a result, that gunk can start blocking the lines. Clogged lines will still work well enough to drive your car. But, you’ll notice a decrease in your fuel economy. Cleaning them out could help you drive more efficiently.

Plus, it doesn’t cost a whole lot to have it done. It’ll take about an hour for the whole process. Then, you’ll notice your car feels more responsive. And, you’ll use less fuel to get where you’re going.

7. Install HID Bulbs

Driving at night can feel like it’s a little scary, especially without good headlights. Older bulbs just don’t produce as much light as newer ones. Replacing yours with some HID bulbs could make a big difference. Plus, HID bulbs don’t cost much, either. Once you’ve got them, you’ll notice how much easier it is to see at night. Remember to replace your high and low beams at the same time, though.

How to Take Care of Your Car

Servicing your car is an important part of owning a vehicle. Sure, it might cost a little bit upfront. However, by keeping it serviced, your car will last a lot longer. And, you’ll avoid even more costly repairs. You could even notice an improvement in your fuel economy, too.

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