7 Strange Grooming Hacks Every Guy Should Know

Your appearance is very important. People tend to judge the way you look more than the person you are. Consequently, it is very vital that you make sure that your appearance is always on point. However, taking care of your appearance is a very tasking thing and you might forget a thing or two. Here are 7 strange grooming hacks. You are bound to find one that will be new to you so let us check them out:

1.     Shaving Cuts Hacks

Shaving a beard is one of the most annoying things that you have to do daily. It is normal to get cut when you are a bit in a rush. These cuts can leave a rather bloody and nasty mess that looks gross. A quick fix is using tiny pieces of toilet paper to stop the bleeding. However, you may not want to walk around with pieces of toilet paper on your face. Fortunately, there is an easier alternative. Lip balm is very handy when it comes to shaving cuts. All you have to do it apply a tiny amount to the cuts. The waxy nature of the lip balm will seal the cut quickly. The waxy nature also prevents irritation and speeds up the clotting process. Think of this the next time you shave.

2.     Bad Breath Hacks

If we are honest, every one of us has had one of those bad breath moments. They can be quite embarrassing and have a habit of occurring at the worst of times. For example, you just are done eating some heavenly curry when all of a sudden you meet the girl you have had a crush on all year long. Lemons are great in neutralizing the strongest odors like garlic and onion. Consequently, drinking some lemonade or eating some lemon slices is a great way to get rid of bad breath. Other things that can help in this situation are cinnamon sticks, mint, and parsley

3.     Cologne Hacks

A vital part of looking good is to smell good. Here are some quick cologne hacks:

  • A good way to have more portable cologne is spraying cotton balls and putting them in a zip lock bag. Now you can easily touch up your cologne throughout the day.
  • Applying a little Vaseline to pulse points can help regulate body temperature in that area. Consequently, this is a great hack to get better performance and longevity from your cologne.
  • Finally, hair is more absorbent than skin when it comes to fragrances. A great way to get cologne into your hair is spraying your hairbrush before using it.

4.     Gym Clothes Hacks

Working out is yet another way that you can improve your appearance. Unfortunately, this also means that you will have to be dealing with gym clothes. These get really stinky and can limit the places you can freely carry them. a simple hack to dealing with stinky gym clothes is using a bar of soap. All you have to do is place the bar of soap in your gym bag. The soap will give off a pleasant smell that will penetrate into your gym clothes. You can also try and find strong and versatile cologne. Spraying your gym bag and clothes with such a fragrance can eliminate the bad smell. Here you can find reviews for some great fragrances to choose from.

5.      Down Under Hacks

A man’s manly parts are the most overlooked parts of the human body. Here are a few hacks dedicated to every man’s real best friend:

  • A hair conditioner is the best option for a clean shave down there. The air softening quality of the hair conditioner makes it much easier and safer to have a full Brazilian down there.
  • Powdering your balls is a great way to eliminate sweat and smells. However, you should avoid using the ones with methanol or talcum as they can turn into a paste.

6.     Hair Cut Hacks

Hair is one of the most vital facial features. That being said here are a few hair hacks:

  • Never cheat on your barber! I guarantee that the new barber will almost always mess up your hair.
  • A good way to ensure your razor’s longevity is to blow-dry it after use. this will eliminate rust and grime from degrading it.
  • Wash your hair only 2-3 times a weak. any less and your hair might get smelly. Any more and your hair might get weak.

7.     Teeth Hacks

Teeth also play a vital role in your appearance. Here are a few hacks that can help you take better care of your teeth:

  • Apples are natural toothbrushes that can help you clean your mouth. A combination of high fiber content with saliva from chewing actively cleanses your mouth.
  • If you run out of toothpaste the quick home remedy is to use baking soda. Half a teaspoon of baking soda and water provide a sufficient alternative to toothpaste.

Final verdict

A well-groomed man is respected and liked by everyone. If you use these 7 strange grooming hacks every guy should know then you are sure to improve on your grooming.

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