7 Irresistible Reasons to Visit Kerala During Monsoon

visit kerala during monsoon

If you find the pitter-patter of rain incredibly romantic, then monsoon tourism in Kerala is tailor-made for you. There are so many splendid reasons to visit Kerala during monsoon that we cannot possibly number them! It?s the absolute best time to visit Kerala with family, friends, and beau alike. Not enough can be said in praise of the rainy season in Kerala. The already lush green hills come freshly alive with the rain and the gorgeous backwaters are more spectacular than ever! Let?s not forget the sprawling tea and coffee plantations – vast expanses of greenery shimmering under raindrops is an incredible sight to behold. With so many reasons to visit Kerala during monsoon, why not plan a trip to this remarkable region?

Here?s Why Monsoon is the Best Time to Visit Kerala:

Monsoon in Kerala is a surreal experience. You?d be surprised how many couples end up booking last minute flights  for impromptu romantic escapades to Kerala during monsoon! If you?re still unconvinced, check out the best reasons to visit Kerala during monsoon listed below. Don?t forget to pack your monsoon travel necessities!

1. Maximum discounts are offered during monsoon

For budget travelers, this is among the topmost reasons to visit Kerala during monsoon. With discounts raining (pun intended) left, right and center, this is the one season you will be able to save huge. Kerala is quite costly to travel to during the peak season so if you wish to see its beauty, make a trip during the monsoon. God?s Own Country offers massive discounts on accommodation, food, tours, and even flights during the monsoon. Explore some of the best tourist places in Kerala during rainy season and let your wallet thank you for it.

2. Be a part of Onam Festival

Onam and Kerala go hand-in-hand. The spectacular festival is celebrated with such pomp and grandeur that it?s a crime to miss it! To be a part of remarkable Onam festivities is among the best reasons to visit Kerala during monsoon for culture-vultures. Falling sometime between the months of August-September, Onam is a 10-day festival that brings great joy to Keralites. People wear new clothes and decorate their homes brilliantly. Also, they make gorgeous flower designs known as Pookalam. Don?t miss the boat race, elephant carnival, and delicious food!

3. Best time to visit Kerala backwaters

Not enough can be said about the utterly gorgeous Kerala backwaters. A vast network of waterways, the pristine waters are spellbinding to explore. Undoubtedly, this is among the top reasons to visit Kerala during monsoon for couples. What could be more romantic than staying on a houseboat and exploring the stunning backwaters of Alleppey or Kumarakom while the rain works its magic? Enjoy the view of swaying palm trees and quaint villages accompanied by the soothing sound of rainfall and nothing else. Book business class flights and come down with your beau at once!

4. Lush plantations are more verdant

If you thought the tea, coffee, and spice plantations of Kerala could not get more beautiful, think again. Kerala is renowned for its greenery and there is no better time than monsoon to witness it. Monsoon in Kerala brings with it fresh greenery. Lush plantations are washed with fresh greenery making this one of the most awesome reasons to visit Kerala during monsoon. If you love strolling through gorgeous landscapes, you will be thrilled to walk across sprawling plantations during rainy season in Kerala.

5. Best time for Ayurvedic therapy

Kerala is known all over the world for its Ayurvedic therapies and these therapies happen to be a large part of monsoon tourism in Kerala. Ayurvedic massages, therapies, and treatments are best done during monsoon in Kerala. Why, you ask? Well, because the weather is at its best – not cold, not hot, but just right. The moist and dust-free environment allows your pores to open a lot easier and the Ayurvedic treatment can work its magic much better. Isn?t this one of the best reasons to visit Kerala during monsoon?

6. Waterfalls are at their fullest best

Lush greenery is not the only thing Kerala is famous for. It?s also popular for pristine waterfalls. Rainy season in Kerala is the absolute best time to enjoy some stunning waterfalls. Athirapally Waterfall is among the biggest reasons to visit Kerala during monsoon. Did you know it was the location where a song featuring Aishwarya Rai Bachchan was filmed? It was for the movie Guru and turned out to be a massive hit. If the gushing waterfall looks so stunning on screen, imagine how much more beautiful it must be to look at in real!

7. Lesser crowds

For those who wish to explore the mesmerizing destination in peace, this is among the top reasons to visit Kerala during monsoon. You can enjoy visiting one attraction after the other without the fear of them having been overrun by a swarm of tourists. Explore each place leisurely minus the maddening rush. Imagine having a spectacular beach all to yourself! Also, if you wish to enjoy adventure sports, they will be much cheaper during monsoon in Kerala.

??????? There are a lot more reasons to visit Kerala during monsoon than just the ones mentioned above. Thereby, when you book flight tickets to India from USA, make sure it?s for a monsoon trip to Kerala. Enjoy rainy season in Kerala to its fullest and have the best monsoon vacation ever!


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