Moving Your Business Abroad? 7 Mistakes to Avoid in an Office Relocation


    Sometimes, moving your business elsewhere is crucial for business success. It can be for business expansion. But in some cases, it could be to find a better market.

    Regardless of the reason for the move, you have to make sure that you do so in an orderly fashion to ensure optimal results. After all, business changes provide an opportunity to grow.

    There are several stages in office relocation abroad, some of which can be challenging to do on your own. From lack of planning for the relocation and office fit-out to not setting a budget, here are the seven biggest mistakes you must try to avoid at all costs:

    Mistake #1: Not Planning Enough

    Lack of planning is a blunder many people make in any type of move. However, the aftermath of this mistake in a business move can be much more unforgiving.

    Because of its complexity, office relocation requires thorough and precise planning. You shouldn?t shrug it off until the last minute, as it would only cause you a massive headache, not to mention bring your relocation costs through the roof.

    One way to organise your move is to create a relocation checklist and include every stage of the move: from the office purchase and fit-out to your arrival. This will ensure that you accomplish everything that needs to be done and transport all that needs to be moved.

    Take note, however, that over planning is as much a mistake as under planning. Because market trends are constantly changing, there?s no way you can ever be 100 per cent prepared for the move. There will always be something that will surprise you along the way.

    Instead of trying to control every step of the process, you can research the new location?s amenities and features, as well as the local culture.

    It is also a good idea to speak with locals before deciding to take the leap. You should also consult experts about essentials like business legalities and tax implications.

    Mistake #2: Only Considering Trendy Places

    Just because one country sounds promising and is expected to become the next big thing doesn?t mean you should immediately move there.

    Even if the location is already an established area, you still need to factor in living expenses, rental costs, and your employees before moving your shop to one area.

    Mistake #3: Having No Budget Limitations

    Relocating overseas without considering how much it would cost is another big blunder you shouldn?t make.

    Not having any cost limitations ? even if your company is already quite established and financially solid ? isn?t wise. After all, a new office should be something that will bring you more money, not the opposite.

    Mistake #4: Not Starting with a Clean Slate

    Like moving to a new home, changing offices can also be a great opportunity to go through the clutter your business has accumulated through the years.

    Although many companies have turned mostly paperless, there will still be important documents stored in a physical filing system. Ensure that you go through all your files and shred any hard copies you won?t need anymore.

    Doing this will save you the time, effort, and money in packing and unpacking once you?re in your new office.

    Besides documents, you can also reassess the usefulness of some of your equipment. If you?re looking to replace chairs, tables, and machines anyway, this is the perfect time to get rid of them, so you can just have new ones delivered to your new office.

    Mistake #5: Failing to Set a Timeline

     That said, having a timeline when moving your business helps.

    Along with a checklist, setting a timeline and sticking to it ensures that your business reaps the benefits later. This minimises the pause in your business operations during the move and helps members of your team prepare and organise everything immediately after you arrive in your new office.

    Mistake #6: Getting the Timing All Wrong

    Having just any timeline won?t cut it.

    The chances of items getting lost or damaged are highest during transport, so you should be very careful when timing it. There are many potentially risky times, but most relocating businesses fail to consider two things: rush hour and inclement weather.

    Transporting items during rush hour is bad for business because it delays the trip. And the more time the moving vehicle spends on the road, the higher the risk of damage or loss. Plus, finding parking spaces for the moving truck is most difficult during this time in certain areas.

    Think transit during rush hour is awful? Try moving offices during bad weather.

    No matter how good the movers are at their job, the chance of accidents is high on a slick road during a storm. Visibility is also poor during snow blizzards or sandstorms. These unholy situations can lead to various situations (e.g., leaking truck roof) that could damage your office equipment, documents, and others.

    Because of this, it is vital to avoid rush hour periods and check weather forecasts when scheduling the transit of items to your new office.

    Mistake #7: Doing It All on Your Own

    If there?s one major mistake you should never make, it?s attempting to move an office with just your employees alone.

    If you think you can save money by doing so, there are actually more costly consequences that may result from this. A simple relocation can even turn into a legal or PR nightmare.

    Think about it. If an employee gets injured from an accident during the move, you?ll be legally liable for their care and recovery.

    If you hire professional international relocation service providers for the move from the get-go, you could save yourself the trouble.

    Besides, there are plenty of other benefits you can look forward to when hiring an expert for the job, including:

    • Expertise ? These trained movers can ensure that your office equipment and tools are transported skilfully. They also know all the most crucial information about moving abroad.
    • Experience ? When it comes to office relocation, experience in all relevant tasks is crucial in ensuring an efficient, safe, and cost-effective completion. Professional movers are also experienced in handling different situations. They have learned from the past to know enough and ensure that each move they work on is efficiently conducted.
    • Insurance ? On the off chance that things get awry, you can still get the peace of mind that you won?t have to pay extra for damaged goods or injuries with moving insurance. The most reliable moving companies know accidents happen, so they are prepared for almost any situation.

    Relocate Your Business Safely

    Moving your business abroad, whether for expansion or relocation, is something you shouldn?t take lightly.

    Ensure that you don?t make the top mistakes listed here and do additional research on how you can make the entire endeavour less daunting.


    Praful Gupta is the Business Head, Asset Mobility of Writer Relocations, India?s premier mobility services company that handles all types of moves: International & Domestic Relocations, Office Relocations, Commercial Move Management Services, Hospitality Logistics, Fine Arts Logistics, Orientation Services, and Storage Solutions. Headquartered in Mumbai, Writer Relocations has presence in 7 countries and operates in more than 190 countries.

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