7 Marketing Strategies for Plumbers to Generate High-Quality Leads

    marketing strategies for plumbers

    Plumbing is the basic necessity of every house and without it, no one can afford to live in a house for a very long time. And so everyone needs a plumber once in a while and in case of emergency, you might need them really fast. In such a case we would recommend contacting Emergency Plumber San Diego if you are around the city. This group of hardworking professionals is always ready to help you 24×7. 

    Well from a distance every business looks as good as it can be, however, reality hits you hard when you actually own a business of your own. For the smooth function of a business, you need customers, that is why every business today small or big is investing big in marketing to generate leads. However, before that, we would recommend you to understand what does generating leads actually means. 

    We talk about lead generation in almost every business. But the question is, what is a lead generation and its purpose? To define it in simple terms lead generation is the first step in the four-step lead generation process. Now this process involves the 4 steps to be completed the marketer, in which the first one is the lead generation, second in lead capturing, third is lead nurturing and the fourth is the lead engagement or what we simply call sales. 

    Now lead generation is at the top of this process. This marks the beginning of a trustworthy relationship with a future prospect and hopefully convert them into faithful customers. This is the base of this process as without it your plumbing business won?t have a fresh inflow of customers and clients. If this happens your business will ultimately decline and that is not something we want. So it is important that you keep those excited clients keep knocking on the door with these 7 marketing strategies for plumbers to generate high-quality leads. 

    marketing strategies for plumbers

    Online Video Marketing 

    Well a lot of plumbers or in general service-based business questions the power of the internet and especially video content marketing. These video content are powerful enough to help reach every corner of not just your city, but across the whole globe. 

    Keep in mind, as of today the internet is being dominated by video marketing, as it is the most interactive and efficient way of consuming information. You can easily connect to your potential customers and clients who are actively searching for plumbing services. So at some point, if they have come across your video content chances are that they are going to call your plumbing store. Now video marketing is not just great at producing new leads, it also presents you as a well-established business and authority in your industry. So if you are not utilizing video marketing, then we would recommend you get online and start preparing. 

    Clarify Your Message 

    At some point you are going to get your potential clients attention, however, is that enough for you to generate solid leads. No, just getting your client?s attention is not enough you also need to make sure that your potential clients clearly understand your moto and your message as a brand. If you are not able to effectively deliver the reason why you are a better plumbing store/ business then there is a high risk your potential clients leaving you. So, irrespective of the marketing strategy you are using online or offline, clarifying your message and value proposition is super important for converting your potential prospects into regular clients. 

    The best way to make sure that your brand message is loud and clear is by making sure that these three questions are answered – 

    • How are you solving your customer?s problems?
    • What facilities are you offering to your clients?
    • How to reach you?

    In the above three, the third one is super important as most of the time your clients might just walk away if they don?t find clear instructions to contact you. So make sure that your clients are able to find contact details easily. 

    Offline Referrals 

    We know the world has changed a lot and new ways of interacting and marketing are being introduced. However, referrals are still considered and will continue to be the most effective, reliable form of marketing for the plumbers. People tend to believe more and have a positive mindset about referrals they get from someone they know. 

    Increase Plumbing Reviews 

    Although most of the reviews are now done online on websites, social media, Google, etc. And they are important for not just positively interacting with your clients, but also for improving your services from the customer?s perspective. So make sure that you are utilizing the reviews and referrals properly both in offline and online mode. And to achieve that we would recommend using a good review strategy. So here are a few things that you would need to do in order to create a good review scheme. 

    • Ask for reviews – Nobody would do extra work just because you put an option for reviews. You need to ask for it, and if your customers are nice and helpful they will definitely deliver. 
    • Email – Email your regular clients regarding the issue they are facing with your services, or requesting a review. 
    • Make use of the Google review facility. 
    • Use CTA for reviews. 
    • Keep a track of all the reviews and thank your clients for their review. 

    Utilize SEO

    Nowadays when you need something, what do you do? Yes, you open google up the search for nearby shops or online stores for the products or services you require. So, like we said before your prospects are searching for you and all you need to do is, be available for them. And SEO Tipscan help you do so by placing your website at the top whenever someone searches for plumbing services. This way will become the first choice of every customer looking for a plumber online.?

    Google Ads

    Creating leads is all about the right marketing and advertisement. And in this online world, where Google is the world?s largest and most effective search engine. There is nothing better than google ads if you want to boost your sales and increase your leads. Adwords works a lot fatter and better than SEO. 

    Goggle ads provide you with the world?s best advertising service, which includes facilities such as individual targetting with Gmail, reconnecting with visitors who land on your websites via google ads, generate stats and measure your growth, etc. So, if you haven?t tried out google ads yet, we would highly recommend doing so at the earliest. 

    Banners Ads add 

    If you want to conquer your neighbourhood first or just want to be a friendly neighbourhoodplumber, then a banner add is the best option for you. They are great and consistent when it comes to advertising in a local area. Its a long term and effective solution and affordable for most locations, except for a few which might be really expensive but in the end worth it. 

    So if you are looking for marketing at an affordable price and something that could increase your brand awareness then banners are the best possible solution for you. 

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    Laura is a marketing manager at All Star Plumbing & Restoration. She loves to write about plumbing services, Water Damage Repair, slab leak repair, Hydro Jetting and AC & heater installation.

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